Message of Light
Divine Poetry
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of Space Music and Songs
1. "My Supreme Love!", 1999
                  Album "My Supreme LOVE!" – Collection of Songs, the Author of Poems, Music and Performer of which is the Mother of the World Mariya DEVI KHRISTOS. Many of these Divine Songs were written in wanderings, and later in prison dungeons. They contain the Purity and Power of Divine LOVE, the Source of Life Itself. He who hears this will be healed in soul and body. The album is dedicated to John–Peter the Second.
Contents of the Album "My Supreme Love!", Book 2
Introduction.                                                       (2:12)
1. White Shepherd's Candles, p.86.                    (7:13)
2. Dedication, p.103. (5:14)                                (5:14)
3. To My Beatitude the Right Reverend, p.142. (4:11)
4. Radiant Garden, with. 121.                             (4:58)
5. John–Peter the Second, p.4 (book 3).             (2:47)
6. Song of the Prisoner, p. 156.                           (4:58)
7. Midnight, p.144.                                              (8:27)
8. I want to go to the fragrant field, p.7 (book 3). (4:17)
9. God the Light, p.120.                                      (4:50)
10. I do not live without You, My Light! p.7, 4 (book 3) (6:22)
(My Light Supreme is in Heaven!)
(I am Your Blood! P.387 (book 2)).
11. To my beloved John the Theologian, p.103. (6:55)
12. God–Consciousness, p.180.                          (5:44)
13. John–Peter the Second, p.147.                      (4:54)
14. To the Husband of Eternity, p.156.               (4:44)
15. Comprehension, p.98.                                   (6:02)
16. John–Peter the Second, p.118.                      (4:40)

2. "Culture", 2000
              Album "KultUra" – Collection of Songs, the Author of Poems, Music and Performer of which is the Mother of the World Mariya DEVI KHRISTOS. The album "Culture" vividly illustrates fragments of the Teachings of the Mother of the World and the Divine LOVE Itself – Shining with Gold, in a world swallowed by darkness ...
Contents of the Album "Culture", book 3
Introduction.                                                     (2:50)
1. Culture, p.26.                                                (5:36)
2. Isis, p.29.                                                       (5:16)
3. The moon floating among the clouds, p. 33. (5:18)
4. Beyond, p.37.                                                (11:46)
5. My Eternal Love, p.54.                                 (3:04)
6. Returning home, p.24.                                  (5:49)
7. YUSMALOS – Ten years, p.27.                   (4:34)
8. Gospel of the Mother of the World, p.35.     (17:07)
9. This world gradually eats up itself, p.31.      (10:24)
10. My Eternal Love (IB), p. 17.                      (8:08)
11. Full Moon, p.41.                                         (5:10)
12. We are in such a hurry ..., p.24.                  (3:06)

3. "The Phenomenon of Light", 2001
                 Album "Phenomenon of LIGHT" – Collection of Songs, the Author of Poems, Music and Performer of which is the Mother of the World Mariya DEVI KHRISTOS. The Mother of the World – the Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration, LOVE and Knowledge of the Divine – in the Language of Poetry, in the Language of LOVE Itself, Opens to all who are thirsty for Infinite LOVE and Unity. That Intimate, which souls strive for throughout the history of earthly civilization, but they cannot find it. And the Truth dwells with you today, earthlings ...
Contents of the Album "The Phenomenon of Light", vol. 3
The word of Mariya DEVI Khristos. (5:40)
1. Mariya DEVI Khristos, p.53.         (6:15)
2. Ninhursag.                                      (7:31)
3. Yielding, p.49.                                (6:29)
4. Slide Sothis, p.50.                          (7:31)
5. The Miracle of Knowledge, p.50.  (5:18)
6. Love, p.41.                                     (6:28)
7. Music of Light, p.48.                      (3:31)
8. The Mystery of Light, p.51.           (5:51)
9. The Phenomenon of Light, p. 45.   (4:17)
10. Holy Mystery, p.47.                      (5:59)
11. Ballad of Light, p.46.                    (10:12)
12. Climbing, p.53.                             (6:30)
13. Hymn to the Moon, p.43.             (7:54)

4. "Monos Asterion", 2002
                 Monos Asterion is the Unified Star Monastery of the Universe, in the center of which is the Mother of Light Rotates the entire Star World with Her Gold–Bearing Love, the Heart of which is the planet Earth.
              “Monos Asterion” is the name of the 4th Author's album of the Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos, which includes New Songs revealing the Astrological Aspect of the Divine Science of Light and Its Transformation.
               Words, music and performance by the Author.
Contents of the Album "Monos Asterion", 2002, book. 3
I am the Mother of the World.               (6:36)
1. Oh Sirius! p. 55.                                 (7:13)
2. Monos Asterion (Monastery), p. 61.  (9:37)
3. Quantum Poem "Science of Light", p. 63. (12:11)
4. Rotation, p. 57.                                   (3:47)
5. Fohatization, p. 61.                             (5:21)
6. Descent into Matter, p. 59.                 (11:39)
7. The Phenomenon of the Mother, p. 58. (3:56)
8. Sophis, p. 62.                                      (6:48)
9. Love, p. 57.                                         (5:34)
10. Oh, the Highest Joy, Love! P. 64.     (4:10)
11. The Ballad of the White Bird, p. 56. (8:01)
12. Only the Heavenly Stars are extinguished, p. 40. (4:04)
5. "Izonkhaya (Divine outpouring)", 2003
                 The Mother of the World is the Messiah of the Age of Aquarius, the Savior of the planet from death and lack of spirituality, evil and ignorance.
                 She is at the same time: Journalist and Writer, Poet and Musician, Composer and Singer, Dancer and Artist, Director and Philosopher, Scientist and Theosophist, Religious Worker and Esotericist, Mystic and Healer, Spiritual Teacher and GOD. The Cult of the Mother of the World is Her Heavenly Revelation to the world.
                And She is also the Great Femininity and Beauty, the Beloved Spouse and the Loving Mother.
               The Mother of the World is Multifaceted and Absolute, for there is a Mother of Gods! She is Strength and Power, Splendor and Divinity, Law and Order, Purity, Bliss and Glory! She is Joy and Wisdom, LIGHT and LOVE. And there is no one Above Her! The Mother of the World Revived the Spouse of Eternity – John–Peter the Second and Put on Him the Crown of LOVE. Only to the Beloved Spouse She has entrusted the whole sky.
               The Mother of the World Teaches Life Itself and Gives Eternal Life to the one who fully accepts Her Great Cover and realizes Her Appearance on planet Earth.
               She is Omnipresent, and Her LOVE is Absolute. Name: MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS – sweet, like Nectar, and Is the Highest Protection from Dark Forces and Evil.
              Saying the Light Prayer of the Mother of Light, – you unite with the Absolute and ascend into the Golden Stream of LIGHT: The Canvas of the Needlewoman herself – Mariya DEVI KHRISTOS, Fire–breathing Life with Life, you enter to Izonhayu...... and become immortal ...
Contents of the Album "Isonhaya (Divine Exposure)"
1. To the Glory of Slavic Rus, p. 229.       (4:11)
2. Unshakable, p. 231.                               (6:53)
3. Mariya DEVI Khristos.                          (5:25)
4. Nostalgia, p.227.                                    (6:49)
5. Cathedral, with. 232.                              (8:58)
6. Language of Light, p. 230.                     (7:05)
7. Song of Glorious Russia, p. 226.            (6:42)
8. Divine Outpouring (Izonkhaya), p.229. (9:31)
9. White Grad, p. 233.                                (8:23)
10. To the beloved – to you! P. 232.           (5:33)
11. The Era of Light, p. 225.                      (9:18)
                 Space music albums of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya are the highest art of mastering the music of light. Her works are woven from absolute light vibrations – quantum particles – healing for earthlings and are the standard of the highest musical creativity.
                Multilevel sound modulation will allow the listener to catch the subtlest vibrations of the light sound of the Sublunar World and the unlimited space of the open Space.

6. "Metagalaxy", (time 60.59), 2005
                 This Music will protect you from dangerous radiations emanating from the open Space to the planet Earth, lift you above the World of Matter and carry you into free flight–soaring over the Earth, along the Metagalactic circle.
                Albums of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya are the highest art of mastering the Music of Light, instrument, style.
                Boundless purity of space, ease of perception of works – tune the body to a complete harmonization of energies and recovery.
                This is not just Music for meditation, it is Music of the real transcendental flight of the soul.
                Music of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya is woven from Absolute Light Vibrations – healing for earthlings and is the standard of the highest musical Creativity.
                The superenergy of the Metagalaxy Album is inexhaustible, just like Life itself! Charges, heals, inspires, awakens the Power of LOVE and Creation!
Album content
1. Flying over the Earth             (7:50)
2. Journey to Orion                    (16:01)
3. In the Sirius System               (4:13)
4. Mysterious Visit to the Moon (7:06)
5. Solar Wind                             (4:00)
6. Geocentric Flight in the Orbit of the Sun and Moon (11:51)
7. Levitation                               (7:37)
8. A journey across the Metagalaxy (11:52) in the existing album (8:09)
9.In the Constellation Aquarius (4:09)
10. Music of the Spheres           (2:39)

7. "Ascent", (time 66:38), 2005
                  The transcendental Music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya will free you from the accumulated negative energy, cleanse the biofield, protect you from the dangerous radiation emanating from the Cosmos to the planet Earth.
                 During the period of polarity reversal and global cataclysms, the transcendental Music of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya will allow you to gain reliable protection from negative influences and will adjust your biopotential to the vibrations of Transformation.
                This Music will lift you above the World of Matter and carry you into free flight–soaring above the Earth, along the Metagalactic circle.
                Albums of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya are the highest art of mastering the Music of Light, instrument, style.
Boundless purity of space, ease of perception of works – tune the body to a complete harmonization of energies and recovery.
This is not just Music for meditation, it is Music of the real transcendental flight of the soul.
                Music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya is woven from Absolute Light Vibrations – healing for earthlings and is the standard of the highest musical creativity.
                The superenergy of the Ascent Album is inexhaustible, just like Life itself! Charges, heals, inspires, awakens the Power of LOVE and Creation!
Album content
1. Mysterious Gate              (10:26)
2. Full Moon                        (6:42)
3. Ascent (Apocalyptic)      (8:24)
4. Prayer of the Mother of the Gods (7:31)
5. Cosmic Electricity           (5:55)
6. Acquiring the Transform (13:08) *
7. Return to Hyperborea      (7:29)
8. Walk in Camelot              (17:38)

8. "Transfiguration", (time 69.82), 2005
                 The Mystical Albums of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya are the highest art of mastering the Music of Light. The boundless purity of space, the ease of perception of the works are not just Music for the highest meditation, but the Music of the real transcendental flight of the soul.
                 Music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya is woven from Absolute Light Vibrations of Quantum Particles – healing and is the standard of the highest musical creativity.
                 Multilevel sound modulation will allow the listener to catch the subtlest Vibrations of the Light Sound of the Sublunary World and the unlimited space of the open Space.
                The energy of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya's Music is healing both for the soul and for the body. It emits the finest spectrum of Absolute Vibrations, favorably balances the human biofield.
Album content
1. Exit to the Overworldly Space (15:32)
2. Transformation of the Earth into Bohemia (14:28)
3. Lukomorye                                (9:32)
4. The Overworldly Dance of Isis (13:37)
5. Entering Four–Dimensionality (7:43)
6. Transformation of Russia          (8:26)
7. Star Suite                                   (8:11)

9. "Primordial Rus", (time 71.9), 2005
                 Music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya is permeated with the greatest, boundless Love for Holy Russia, Glorious Russia, from century to century keeping the secret–mystery of the Russian Soul for the peoples of the Planet.
                The works included in the author's albums are very melodic and symphonic, like the vastness of the vast Russian Land – Soul. Music is multifaceted and unique in the author's improvisation, as is nature, which changes at different times of the year. Each bar is unique, this is a live improvisation! The album "Primordial Rus" was created in the spectral tones of the development of the Earth and the evolutionary stages of earthlings: from the original Ancient Vedic Culture to the epoch–making culminating modern Culture of the Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos.
               The soft rhythm of the works envelops, pulsates in the Cosmic rhythm, nature itself echoes to the beat: with the singing of birds, and the play of notes creates the unity of wildlife and the author's instrument. The effect of the listener's presence in music, in space – replenishes a person with light quanta of love for all living things, healing and raising souls above the world of clinging.
              Contemplation and reality, creative talent, the great work of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya – everything is saturated with the inspiring energy of the skillful lace–maker of light and sound, which allows music to be alive ...
Album content
1. Russia Primordial                     (18:56)
2. Return of the Ancient Goddess (5:46)
3. My True Russia                         (5:33)
4. Return to Hyperborea                (7:19)
5. Lunar Russia                             (4:00)
6. Jerusalim                                   (6:10)
7. Ancient Vedic Russia                (8:19)
8. Thrice Greatest                          (7:03)
9. Universal Love                          (9:36)
10. Russia Beauty                          (4:08)
10. "House of the Sun", (time 58.82), 2005
                  The author's album "House of the Sun" covers the entire spectrum of the listener's perception – on all planes of being. Music is cosmic and at the same time earthly in nature, harmonious in mood, like the union of Heaven and Earth. Its sounds are enchanting and fascinate with their BEAUTY, like the Primordial Nature of the Cosmos.
                  History in the music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya returns to the Origins and eternal values of the life of earthlings. Like Morse code, light sounds from distant galaxies are heard, and sometimes the Voice of the MOTHER of Awakening is heard, pulsating on the ground in time with the heart of planet Earth.
                 The Music of the Author is spectral, like the rays of the morning Sun in water droplets of the atmosphere, permeated with the healing life force of Love! Her creation is inspired, radiates Joy, light, like the rising Sun, – pacifies and rejoices, gives growth, like the energy of the Moon for earthlings. All this is her music !!!
                 Listening and not only ... One sees the movement of the Brilliant, Mysterious Mother, gazing at her creation, her face appears, then the silhouette is a sparkling train from movement in space, the ancient picture of Her image, crowned with flowers and sounded by the singing of outlandish birds of paradise, then a boat emerges where She, He and the warriors go around the open spaces.
                Space albums of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya are the highest art of mastering the music of light. Her works are woven from absolute light vibrations – quantum particles – healing for earthlings and are the standard of the highest musical creativity.
Multilevel sound modulation will allow the listener to catch the subtlest vibrations of the light sound of the Sublunar World and the unlimited space of the open Space.
               Contemplation and reality, creative talent, the great work of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya – everything is imbued with the inspiring creative energy of the skillful lace–maker of light and sound, which allows music to be alive ...
Album content
1. House of the Sun 1            (14:41)
2. Amaterasu (Sun Goddess) (4:43)
3. Rook RA                            (6:48)
4. Memories of Mars             (6:58)
5. Shaman                              (5:42)
6. Comprehension                  (10:43)
7. Antigravity                         (8:13)
8. Brace                                  (4:26)
9. House of the Sun 2             (15:32)

11. "Cross and Rose", (time 60.14), 2006
                  The author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Cross and Rose" – again opens to the listener the Unknown World of the Universal Cosmic Reality. As if the golden placers of sounds are extracted from under the keys of the instrument by the hands of the Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. Like the Northern Lights, Her Music shimmers, shines, vibrates ... It becomes alive, visible and tangible, plunges into the Ocean of Eternity, Open Space, into the Most Intimate ...
                 The artist of Color, Sound and Word creates living canvases of Spiritual Space. And her voice, motherly warm, enveloping, vibrates at the level of the heart chakra, healing–harmonizing the inner and outer world of a person. Cleans space from negative energies, carries you There ... to the Enchanting Distance – beyond the horizon of the Universe ...
                 Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya broadcasts through herself the Absolute Frequencies of Cosmic Energy. And this makes her Albums especially unique, distinctive and unthinkable in the outflowing vibrations of the sound flow of the Cosmic Cloth of the Universe. Listen! And you will see for yourself!
                 And the mysterious name "Cross and Rose" is the key for the Initiated, which opens the Cosmic Gates of the Universe. 
Contents of the Album "Cross and Rose"
1. Painting of the Sky              (4.00)
2. Izonhaya (God Outpouring) (9.32)
3. House of the Sun                  (4.49)
4. Early Moonrise                     (3.15)
5. Fairy Distance                       (3.39)
6. Unity                                     (4.40)
7. Thou art created by me         (3.52)
8. Mother of the Gods               (5.22)
9. Portrait                                  (8.30)
10. Cross and Rose                   (13.03)
11. Peace to you!                       (1.25)

12. "Priestess of the Temple of Stonehenge", (time 60.09), 2006
                 The new Album of Mystical Music by Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya pulsates with the Light of the Mysterious Star. The author embodies the dream of earthlings: to see the unprecedented, Intimate, to discover the Cosmic World, where everything is not the same as on Earth ... the World where the Spirit of Freedom, Knowledge and Infinite LYBVI reigns!
                Traveling through the Space Labyrinths, the listener will experience different levels of intuitive spaces, distant civilizations, macroplanets, invisible in modern telescopes and unknown to science. The music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya descends to us from the boundless latitude of the supercosmic space of her Open Heart, pouring out as streams of Light and refracting into Light and Sound.
                The listener will gradually tune in to the highest vibrations of the One Light Canvas. His heart resonates with the tuning fork of the Universe, his soul will receive a mystical experience, and his body will heal ... Each has his own universal measure of Grace from the "Priestess of the Temple of Stonehenge!"
Album content
1. Light of the Mysterious Star        (8:57)
2. Sirian Prayer                                (8:41)
3. Planet RA                                     (5:12)
4. Civilization                                  (5:53)
5. Pyramid of Isis                             (4:58)
6. Russia Macrocosmic                    (10:53)
7. The town of Rennes–le–Chateau (6:44)
8. Reincarnation                               (8:47)
9. Priestess of the Temple of Stonehenge (6:41)
10. Stellar Everest                            (6:54)
11. "The Diamond Light of His Eyes ..." (4:45)

13. "White Tara"
Disc 1 (time 31:25), Disc 2 (time 25.76), 2006
                  You are holding the SuperAlbum of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "White Tara". A composer, arranger, singer, performer of her own works on a synthesizer – all this is Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya!
                   The new Album presents the Intimate, sacred ancient Buddhist Mantrams in the most ancient Proto–Slavic language – Sanskrit (Devanagari) in the modern interpretation of the Author. The uniqueness of the Album "White Tara" is in the synthesis of the most ancient vibrations of the deeply sacred Word and pure cosmic Sounds.
                  The energy of the Album charges, heals, tunes the listener to the creative Impulse to Life. With the help of sacred words, the surrounding space is cleansed of negatives. Since ancient times, musicians, poets, singers had to work for decades to achieve such skill, and, as a rule, their whole life was not enough. And only a few, reaching, became great. The author of the Album "White Tara" – Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya belongs to such transcendental, timeless Improvisers.
                 The musical instrument of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya (synthesizer) is absolutely alive and completely obeys its wonderful musical Creator, capturing the subtlest vibrations of her mysterious inner world, surprisingly conveys all this to you and me.
                 Let's go to the beautiful boundless World of Beauty of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya!
Album Contents, DISC 1
1. Dream of the Titans                       (5:57)
2. White Russia                                  (4:05)
3. White Tara. Apparition (Mantram) (6:40)
4. Kalki Avatar (Mantram)                  (6:40)
5. Transition to the Sphere of Pure Consciousness. Antigravity (Mantram) (6:48)
6. Flight–levitation over Khan Tingri (5:56)
7. The Path to the Stars                       (3:32)

8. White Tara. Knowledge (Mantram) (5:37)
9.Child of the Light                             (2:47)
10. Duel with the Beast                       (6:25)
11. Universal Requiem                        (3:21)
12. Climbing Orion                             (3:12)
13. White Tara. Otherness (Mantram) (5:34)

"Rook of Million Years", Golden Collection, 2007
                 The collection of musical Albums by Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "The Boat of Million Years" – represents a completely new direction in contemporary music. The author is at the same time the Artist of Word, Color and Sound. Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya named her High Creativity “Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium”. Author's music, poetry, painting and dance are united by the transcendent Universe of Otherness – Cosmic Reality. The listener, the viewer penetrates deeply into the mystery of the Supreme and Eternal, plunges into the Origins of the Unknown, the soul, Named the Great Unmanifest, flies over Time and Space.
                Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya Creates Pure Noospheric music, the vibrations of which are so high and transcendental that the soul, involuntarily, is cleansed and healed of everything superficial, temporary, perishable ...
               The author skillfully combines modern and ancient Slavic, ancient Buddhist, ancient Egyptian rhythms, enveloping his music in Open Space. Whole musical canvases are born, immersing themselves in such a way that the listener no longer separates himself from the work, but merges with the music into a single Cosmic Stream of Transcendental Radiance ...

Album content
1. Flying over the Earth             (7.50)
2. Journey to Orion                    (16.01)
3. In the Sirius System               (4.13)
4. Mysterious visit to the moon (7.06)
5. Levitation                               (7.37)
(Musical Album "Metagalaxy" – 2005)
6. Mysterious Gate                     (10.26)
7. Full Moon                               (6.42)
8. Return to Hyperborea             (7.29)
9. Walking tour of Camelot        (17.38)
     (Musical Album "Ascent" – 2005)
10. Transformation of the Earth into Bohemia (14.28)
11. Lukomorye                            (9.32)
12. The Overworldly Dance of Isis (13.37)
13. Entering Four–Dimensionality (7.43)
14. Transformation of Rus–Ukraine (8.26)
15. Star Suite                               (8:11)
(Musical Album "Transformation" – 2005)
16. Russia Primordial                  (18:56)
17. Return of the Ancient Goddess (5:46)
18. My True Russia                     (5:33)
19. Ancient Vedic Russia            (8.19)
20. Thrice Greatest                      (7.03)
21. Russia Beauty                        (4:08)
     (Musical Album "Primordial Rus" – 2005)
22. Amaterasu (Sun Goddess)     (4.43)
23. Rook RA                                (6.49)
24. Antigravity                             (8.13)
    (Musical Album "House of the Sun" – 2005)
25.Sirian Prayer                           (8.41)
26. Civilization                            (5.53)
27. Pyramid of Isis                      (4.58)
28. Macrocosmic Rus                 (10.40)
29. Township of Rennes–Le–Chateau (6.44)
30. Stonehenge Temple Priestess (6.41)
31. The Diamond Light of His Eyes ... (4.45)
      (Music Album "Stonehenge Temple Priestess" – 2006)
32. Dream of the Titans                (5.57)
33. White Russia                          (4.05)
34. White Tara. Apparition (Mantram) (6.40)
35. Kalki–Avatara (Mantram)      (6.33)
36. Transition to the Sphere of Pure Consciousness. Antigravity (Mantram) (6.47)
37. Flight–Levitation over Khan–Tingri (5.56)
38. The Path to the Stars               (3.32)
39. White Tara. Knowledge. (Mantram) (5.37)
40. Child of Light                         (6.13)
41. Duel with the Beast                (6.25)
42. Climbing Orion                      (7.33)
43. White Tara. Otherness (Mantram) (5.34)
(Musical Album "White Tara" – 2007)
44. Hymn to Isis, Osiris and Horus (4.35)
45. Descent                                   (8.44)
46. Rook of a Million Years (11.25)
47. The Feathered Serpent (Sun) (9.29)
48. Time of the Gods                   (4.26)
49. Isis in Search of Osiris           (5.50)
50. Isis Resurrects Osiris             (7.53)
51. Isis's Dream                           (11.39)
52. Horus Victory over Set          (3.05)
        (Musical Album "Planet Egypt" – 2007)

                  14. "Planet Egypt", (time 69.61), 2007
                  Musical Album "Planet Egypt" by Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya is not just a fascinating journey through time to the country of Light Kamit (Egypt), where Love rules. With the help of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, we become witnesses of the descent of the Gods on our planet, we feel their superpower of Knowledge. We realize the difficult sacrificial Path of Isis, Osiris and Horus – in the Name of the Victory of Light over Darkness, Good over Evil.
               The author, through music, introduces the listener to the time of the Aliens – Siriusians, who founded the most powerful ancient Egyptian civilization on Earth. The unfolding cosmic drama of the struggle between Good and Evil was imprinted on all subsequent eras. The Great Mother of the Universe – Isis finds the remains of Her Spouse Osiris, resurrects him, gives birth to Horus, and then constantly saves him from the evil Set, until, finally, Horus regains his sight and independently conquers evil ...
Hear and immerse yourself in the epochal History that seems like a fairy tale today. But the living witnesses of which are the Great Pyramids and the silent Sphinx ...
Album content
1. Hymn to Isis, Osiris and Horus (4.35)
2. Descent                                      (8.44)
3. Rook of Million Years               (11.28)
4. Milky Way                                 (4.58)
5. The Feathered Serpent (Sun)     (9.29)
6. Time of the Gods                       (4.26)
7. Isis in search of Osiris               (5.50)
8. Isis Resurrects Osiris                 (7.53)
9. Isis's Dream                               (11.39)
10. Horus's victory over Set           (3.05)

15. "Night of the Primordial Creation", (time 70.9), 2008
                  The album "Night of the Primordial Creation" does not represent musical sounds, but rather cosmic vibrations, energy emanating from the Stars, Galaxies, planets, intangible by ear, but successfully transformed through the Vision, Touching the Cosmic Distant by Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya, with the help of a synthesizer. Vibrations of the "Night of Primordial Creation" Album cleanse the space, balance the person, heal. They develop imagination, creative thought, taking to Infinity and returning a person to his Origins, when he was a pure and strong Spirit, and had infinitely open spheres of the Foremother of the Cosmos.
The cleansing chime of interstellar space, created by Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, will tune our souls to a positive perception of the world, and life will become brighter and richer in all its manifestations.
Album content
1. In the Star Temple           (9.39)
2. Star Mystery                   (19.42)
3. Star Thor                         (6.20)
4. Star Symphony                (9.20)
5. Music of the Spheres       (6.43)
6. Star Chime                      (7.55)
7. Celestial Mass                 (2.45)
8. Star Mother of the Gods (10.16) 

16. "Golden Age – Zep Tepi", Musical and theatrical mystery.
Disc 1 (time 56.58), disc 2 (time 54.93), 2009
                 Incomprehensible in its essence, creation, the theatrical double album "Golden Age – Zep Tepi" by Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya opened a new stage in the work of the multifaceted Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium, created by the Author.
                The listener becomes a co–creator of beautiful works, including his imagination and deep memory. A dynamic, wondrous light and sound panorama of epoch–making events with the participation of living images–characters allows you to discover the primordial origins of life.
               Cult URA – Golden Age. Zep Tepi – First Time. Time of the Star Gods. The Cosmic Dawn of Mankind is the time when the Gods walked the Earth and freely communicated with mortals. Time for miracles and intergalactic travel ...
               Here is the Magic Hyperborea, Golden Atlantis, Ancient Egypt – the Rus of the Nile, Sirius and Orion – the Heavenly Duat (Kingdom of Light), Vedic Russia ... The Star Gods are with us again. And under the open dome of Heaven, in the living Temple, the highest Mystery of the Spirit takes place, the Connection with the Eternal and Firm. The colossal energetic potential of the Album "Golden Age – Zep Tepi" will reinterpret all energetic dissonances in space and time into the spiritual vibrations of Purity. And the soul will be replenished with the Light of the innermost Knowledge and Wisdom.
Album content
Disc 1 (57.42)
Temple of Light                   (05.55)
Rook Million Years              (06.20)
Kamit                                    (13.14)
In the Temple of Isis             (13.28)
Comprehension of Alchemy (07.58)
Entering the Duat (Kingdom of Light) (8.38)
Disc 2 (56.15)
Hecate                          (6.14)
Water and fire              (4.42)
Hymn to the Elements (13.01)
Kamlanie                     (9.55)
Golden Atlantis           (10.36)
Heavenly Rus              (8.55)
17. "Breath of Orion", (time 59.75), 2010
                  The 17th Author's album "Breath of Orion" is another opportunity for admirers of the spiritual creativity of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya – to feel the higher cosmic vibrations, the beauty and greatness of the Universe in soul and body.
                 "Breath of Orion" is the embodiment of the Dream of a distant Cosmic homeland, of Vedic Vimana ships, of flying cities. This is the memory of the most ancient Mother Goddess, keeping secret Knowledge and hiding the Face of Truth.
                This is the harmony and pristine purity of the Temple of Nature, the revival of Mother Russia and the Kingdom of LOVE ...
                This, at the same time, is an alarming warning about the impending change of formations and the author's cosmic appeal to earthlings: to look into your soul and open it for cognition of the Supreme and Eternal ...
                Orion's breath is already reaching Earth. Soon its radiation will fill the entire cosmos ...

Album content
1. Victory of the Light.
2. Priestess of the Sea.
3. Vimana of Orion.
4. Solar Prayer.
5. Breath of Orion.
6. Mysterious forest.
7. Full moon in the desert.
8. In the Temple of Nature.
9. Farewell to the Earth.
10. Flying City.
11. Renewed Rus.
12. Healing the soul.
13. Breath of the Sun and the Earth.
14. Mother of the World.

18. "Star Mystery", (time 44.92), 2010
                  We present the music albums of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Star Mystery" (Music for meditation) and "Eden" (Music for healing the soul).
                Author's Albums of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya is music created according to the golden ratio, healing and soothing.
The listener will feel the multidimensionality of Cosmic space and will be carried away in the Stellar Stream of Sounds into the open Space.

Album content
1. In the Star Temple.
2. In the dimensions of the stars.
3. Love of the Stars.
4. Birth of Stars.
5. The Starry Liturgy.
6. Absolute Substance.
7. Rotation of the Spheres.
8. Star Clock.
19. "Eden", (time 61.19), 2010
                  Author's Album "Eden" – opens the listener to idyllic pictures of the Spiritual World.
                  The music is performed according to the golden ratio and subtly resonates with the soul. Cosmic rhythms will allow the listener not only to find himself in the Overworldly Space, but to ascend by the soul into the most Intimate Sphere, called Love. 
Album content
1. Sacred Labyrinth.
2. Hymn to Isis.
3. Dance of Love.
4. Universal Song.
5. Appearance of the Mother of the World.
6. Stream of life.
7. Marine Sonata.
8. Nightingale Fugue.
9. Eden.
10. My Stars.
11. Flight.
12. Terem RA.
13. Idyll of Love. 
20. "Kingdom of Sophiya", (time 59.81), 2011
                  The 20th Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "The Kingdom of Sophia" opens to the listener the pictures of the Spiritual Plan of the Mother of the World.
                  The music is played spontaneously and is a wonderful means of relaxation and healing for the soul.
Mother of the World Sophiya – the Wisdom of God – the Absolute of the Universe – Torit the Path on Earth in the Name of the Transformation of mankind. Music – Revelation of the Mother of the World – Unearthly evidence of Her Truth.
Album content
1. Piano – Autumn.
2. Holy LOVE.
4. All–merciful Aditi.
5. Planet X–chromosome.
6. Sophia's path.
7. Great Work.
8. Wings of Isis.
9. Tribe of Sophia.
10. Star of the Mother of the World.
11. Garden of Mary Magdalene.
12. Kingdom of Sophiya. 

21. "Solar Race", (time 57.43), 2011
                  21st musical album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Solar Race". The spontaneous music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya takes the listener on a meditative journey into the Beyond Planes of the Universe. The listener can contemplate the pictures of the past and the future, move freely in space and time, cleanse and heal his soul. The vibrations of the compositions are highly spiritual and multidimensional. The music of the Mother of the World Herself contributes to spiritual growth, expansion of the consciousness and horizons of listeners.
Album content
1. Travel by Vimana to the Spheres of Surya.
2. The agony of the ancient times.
3. Nibiru.
4. Heavenly City.
5. HOLIDAY of Dogons.
6. Solar Race. 
22. "Heavenly Bells", (time 38.44), 2011
                  The 22nd Album of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya "Heavenly Bells" is the music of deep inner relaxation and purification. Mysterious travels across the Heavenly and Earthly expanses will enrich the listener with unusual pictures of inner imagination and contemplation.
Album content
1. Solar activity.
2. Song of the Night Luminaries.
3. Castle of the Knights Templar.
4. Music of the rain.
5. Summer night.
6. Sea cave.
7. Heavenly Bells. 
23. "Mistress of the Copper Mountain".
Disc 1 (time 44.82); Disc 2 (time 47.26), 2012
                  23rd Author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Mistress of the Copper Mountain" – spontaneous Music for meditation and relaxation. This spiritual Music is for those who seek Purity and the innermost World of Light. A dreamy listener will feel and see real images of living herbs, whose conversation excites, because they talk about their life on the poisoned planet Earth and suffer because of this ...
                  And the song of dolphins sliding on the waves of the ocean will take you to the depths of the underwater kingdom. The Crystal Path, opened to the Chosen One, will amaze with its fragile weightlessness and Purity, and the Lunar Castle will open the overflow of mysterious light, and the listener will try to look inside ... But it will seem even more mysterious to him in the Temple of Light, and he will hear cosmic chanting and ascend with the birds into the Sky ...
                  As if from an old fairy tale, the Mistress of the Copper Mountain will appear and tell the listener about Her Perfect World ... This and much more will be presented in the Music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya, Creative with Light and Sound, living pictures of all worlds and spaces, for the Universe is the Range of the Mother of Light herself .. ...
Mistress of Copper Mountain
(Music for meditation)
Disc 1 (46:44)
Sunrise.                             7:41
Ode to the Earth.               2:42
Spring awakening.            4:00
Conversation of herbs.      3:21
Light and Sea.                   9:36
In the Garden of Dreams. 5:22
Moon and birds.                3:44
Music of the Sea.               3:04
In the Castle of the Moon. 3:32
Dolphin song.                    3:40
 Disc 2 (48:49)
1. The Crystal Way.           3:57
2. In the Temple of Light. 7:30
3. Mirage.                          8:56
4. Mistress of the Copper Mountain. 4:31
5. The Rook of Time.        5:27
6. Dance of the Apsaras.   4:03
7. The Way to the Top.      4:19
8. In the Star Cradle.         5:02
9. Guardians of Heaven.   5:01
Total time: 01:35:34
24. "Avatara", (time 62.6), 2012
                  24th Author's Album "Avatara" – Spiritual–Cosmic spontaneous Music, played once in the process of meditational creativity of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya. That is why, each Musical composition is distinguished by an unusually deep spectrum of sounding of figurative visualization. The music is very nostalgic and reflects episodes of the Cosmic Drama of the Universe in separate fragments.
                 The author puts into his works deep pictures of the subtle perception of the Aboveworldly Russia–Surya and modern Suffering Russia. The concept of Russia for Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya flows from the Overworld RUSL of the White Space Race of mankind. The viewer is carried away to the Beyond Space of the Primordial Creation of the Universe and in each work feels the extraordinary emotionality of the feelings experienced, the high Love–Nostalgia for the Originally–Perfect Motherland–Surya ... This Music is healing for the soul and body, for it relaxes and raises the soul to the level of high vibrations, and consciousness – to the level of all–comprehension of being.
Album content
1. Primordial creation        (8:04)
2. Space Rhapsody            (5:52)
3. Manvantara                    (8:01)
4. A lifelong journey          (5:31)
5. AVATARA                      (7:50)
6. Russia                             (6:39)
7. Rus–Boreals                   (5:39)
8. To my Ukraine               (5:28)
9. Do not grieve, My Rus! (11:16)
25. "Window to the Beyond", (time 65.41), 2013
                 The new 25th Author's Album "Window to the Beyond" – Spontaneous Music, played by Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya, as always: without notes and once during the Flight of the Soul. Therefore, it is very useful for the listener. This is Music for relaxation and release from negativity, purification and healing. The author invites the listener to the Cosmic journey and takes him beyond the Material Plane ... Into the Path!
Album content
1. Hello, Dawn!                    04:08
2. Above–the–World Elegy. 13:40
3. Cosmic Meditation.          07:42
4. Window to the Beyond.    10:41
5. Ship of Wanderings.          06:35
6. The path to the Light.       16:42
7. Moon Dance.                    07:29
Total playing time: 1 hour, 7 minutes, 1 sec.
26. "Flight over Time", (time 66.43), 2013
                  26th Author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Flight over Time" – Spontaneous Music, played without notes and only once during meditation. And this is the value of this Unearthly Music. Carried away by the sounds from Above, transmitted through the synthesizer, the listener can heal and free himself from karmic blocks and clamps, enter the Canvas of the Universe, Woven by the Mother of the World.
Album content
1. Morning of the Universe. 24:24
2. Flight over time.               22:52
3. Heavenly Pond.                07:47
4. Poem Life.                        08:05
5. Sirius S.                            08:05
Total playing time: 1 hour, 7 minutes, 25 seconds.
27. "Point of bifurcation", (time 47.38), 2013
11.11.13 the 27th Author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Point of bifurcation" was released.
                  The Author's Album "Bifurcation Point" is already 27 in a row. Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya truly opens the listener to the pictures of Cosmic transmutations. Going beyond the three–dimensional world, flight in the Universe and the point of bifurcation – a moment between the past and the future, followed by a transition to a new level of consciousness – this is the sign of the present day, followed by the Coming of the Epoch of Light of the Mother of the World, into which the enlightened humanity of the New The sixth race of earthlings. This Spontaneous Music promotes relaxation and cleansing of karmic layers, and also raises a person's consciousness to a new level of worldview.
Album content
1. Comet Eason. 07:21
2. Change of Ages. 09:06
3. In the labyrinths of the universe. 12:57
4. Point of bifurcation. 18:50
5. Sirius A. 04:28
Total playing time: 52 minutes, 42 seconds.
28. "Surya–RA", (time 50.37), 2013
                  On 11.11.13, the 28th Author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Surya–RA" was released.
28th Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya: "Surya–RA" is a new Creation of Light pictures of the Universe. Pictures of Ancient Russia, Space travel outside the Universe, memories of the past and revelations cannot but touch the soul of the listener.
The music was played once, spontaneously, in the process of creative inspiration. Particularly striking is the composition "In Memory of the Cat of Orion". With great love, tender sadness and maternal pain, the author depicts the life of His pet Cat named Orion, who left earthly limits and unexpectedly left for Sirius, karmically redeeming his fall in one of his past lives.
Album content
1. A piano in the clouds.                 11:04
2. I will go out into the pole curly. 05:09
3. Sea Saga.                                    11:00
4. Priests of Surya.                         07:14
5. In memory of the Cat of Orion. 10:36
6. In the Garden of Gethsemane.   04:28
7. Surya–RA.                                 06:58
Total playing time: 56 minutes, 29 seconds.
29. "Revival of Rus".
Disc 1 (time 38.09); Disc 2 (time 51.88), 2014
                  On June 10, 2014 the 29th Author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Revival of Rus" was released.
                  The 29th Author's Album of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya is music performed by the soul, spontaneously and once played. And because of this, a special mood is created for the free floating of thoughts. The compositions are hysterical, full of sadness. And this is understandable: what kind of mood can Mother Russia have today if Russia is captured by dark forces trying to completely break the “Russian Spirit” and destroy the true patriots of the Motherland–Mother? Yes, trouble knocked on the door. And now the future of the planet depends on each of us. Which path will the Slavs choose? Into the abyss of Darkness? Or: to the Kingdom of Light of the Revived RUSSIA? Everyone makes the choice himself. But, bypassing bloodshed and pain, suffering and loss, Ancient Kievan Rus will be revived by the Holy Spirit of the Mother of the World! Let There Be Light! HOORAY!
Album content
Overture.                     06:53
By the paths of Orion. 07:16
Fragile World.              03:03
Echo of War.                05:33
Inevitability.                09:58
Host of Light.              06:46
Star Bridge.                 17:33
Revival of Russia.       20:54
Epilogue.                     14:00
Total playing time: 1 hour, 31 minutes, 56 seconds.
30. "Star ROSTau", (time 1:28:26), 2014
                 On November 23, 2014 the 30th Author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Star ROSTau" was released.
                 30th Author's double Album "Star ROSTau" – spontaneous, once played music for meditation. New works by Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya take the listener to the World of Open Space, far and near worlds of the Overworldly Vast Surya–Russia. This is music for relaxation and healing, removing karmic blocks and resting the soul from worldly worries and the cruel reality of the last time.
Album content
1. Solar TEMPLE. 09:19
2. In the Temple of the Moon. 02:44
3. Lunar Mystery. 18:24
4. In the vastness of Russia. 15:59
5. Kingdom of Surya. 05:55
1. Star ROSTau. 08:13
2. Galaxy "Milky Way". 22:26
3. The last transition. 05:26
Total time: 1:28:26
31. "Ocean of Time", (time 1:08:24), 2020
                  New Divine Gift of the Mother of the World Mariya DEVI KHRISTOS – 31st Author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "Ocean of Time"!
                  "The spontaneous Music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya opens the depths of the subconscious, purifies the soul, brings it out to the Otherworld ..."
(Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya).
Album content
1. Ocean of Time – 1 8:51
2. Egg of Time           7:32
3. Last Time               14:01
4. Burnt Sun               21:11
5. Boat trip                 4:26
6. Night trip                2:30
7. Ocean of Time – 2  9:53
32. "Prayer to Sophiya", (time 1:07:06), 2020
“The spontaneous Music of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya is directed deep into the soul and subconsciousness. It heals and makes you think about the meaning of life. "
(Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya).
Album content
1. Prayer to Sophiya – 1     9:49
2. Mother of the World: Save Russia! 15:18
3. Alchemy of Spirit          19:56
4. Wheel of Samsara          5:06
5. Time Run                       5:06
6. Sunset manually             6:20
7. Lunar Whitemara           2:35
8. Prayer to Sophiya – 2     2:56
33. Spontaneous Music for the harmonization and purification of the soul, (time 58:26), 2020
Singing bowls, hang.
1. Singing bowls 12:46
2. Hang               45:40
34. 34th Musical Album "Prayer of Light", 2020
/Music and Performance – Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya/
                  “Prayer of Light is a Protective WORD from Darkness, Given by the Mother of the World in 1993 from Above. She Has the Power to Defeat the hordes of the dark, to heal diseases, to prevent troubles. With a new sounding z – the Prayer of Light Gains Absolute Power, Becomes the Sword of the Spirit, Shattering the Antichrist on the spot! The 24 Holy Lines are Harmonious and Magical in Their Fohatic Visualization. Earthling, become a Man, an eternal soul, radiating Pure Fohat – the Light of the Solar Mother of the Above–World RUSSIA! AUM RA! HOORAY!"
(Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya).
Album content
1. Prayer of Light 1 03:05
2. Prayer of Light 2 09:49
Total playing time: 12:54.
35. 35th Musical Album "BLAGA GIVING", 2020.
/Music and Performance – Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya/
The new Album of Songs Performed by the Author to His Poems and Music – reveals to the listener the Intimate Moments from the Life of the Mother of the World and Her Incomprehensible Spiritual World.
Album content
1. "Benefits of Giving" (05:57)
2. "Shout"                     (06:39)
3. "Air"                         (03:27)
4. "World – Game"       (03:10)
5. "Anthem"                  (03:32)
6. "Heaven"                  (07:22)
7. "Flight"                     (07:30)
8. "High Solo"              (03:57)
9. Kalima                      (03:41)
Total playing time: 45:15.
36. 36th Author's Musical "MATRIPADMA", 2020.
                  On December 25, 2020, the 36th Musical Author's Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya "MATRIPADMA" was released.
                  “The new Album of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya – includes a mystical Execution in Sanskrit of protective mantras and mantras praising the Triune Mother – Matripadma. In the Author's Interpretation, mantras receive a new unexpected sound and not only cleanse the space and soul, but also introduce the listener into a high meditative state, creating a kind of flight over the illusion. Mrityunjaya mantra – Mantra of Immortality, Completed 54 times – half of the sacred number 108. For 108 times in the Album format did not fit. Fragments from the Author's Poem "PARADISE OF MY LOVE" open to the listener the Pictures of the Spiritual Kingdom, Described by the Mother of the World in Her Teaching.
                  We wish you a wonderful flight!"
(Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya).
Album content
1. Mantra–Meditation
(Mantra for casting out evil spirits.
Sushumna Purification Mantra.
Mantra of happiness and longevity)                          15:26
2. MATRIPADMA (Mystery)                                    14:39
3. Intimate (PARADISE OF MY LOVE. Fragment) 06:15
4. Wonderful Garden (PARADISE OF MY LOVE. Fragment) 08:30
5. Mantra of Immortality (54 times)                          23:19
Total time: 01:08:09
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