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Victoriya Preobrazhenskaya
about Cosmic PolyArt of  the Third Millennium
           Cosmic PolyArt of the Third Millennium is a multidimensional, multi–genre Art united by a Single Idea: Unity of Macro and Microcosm, Spiritual and Terrestrial, Masculine and Feminine Principles. It is based on Spirituality, Beauty and Cosmic Ancient Knowledge.
          “The secret of any art is selflessness,” said the philosopher Ananda Kumar Swami.
         And indeed, according to the Ancient Vedas, when the minds of people were clouded by the vicissitudes of earthly existence, and the Gods saw that most people were captured by sensual temptations, and earthly passions were ruthlessly pushed around them, and the innate joy of man was constantly darkened by sorrows. The gods asked the Creator to Give a way by which all strata of society could turn to their Divine heritage. And then the Creator, through art, Created the Theater. And this was the Theater of the Mysteries.
        The Creator Said: all themes of spiritual mythology will be combined here. This Veda will lead to morality and justice, as well as wealth and abundance. She will bring Glory, serve for Teaching. It will be decorated with a number of maxims. She will show the world of the future all possible actions and deeds. It will contain the meaning and fruits of all sacred knowledge. She will fill all facets of the arts with life. And will lead them to prosperity.
         Yes, exactly in the era of Vapara–Yuga – the Bronze Age, when the pure spirit faded and only half of the Light that originally illuminated the Universe remained, a critical moment in the history of mankind came, because people lost their personal values emanating from the Most Ancient Mother Goddess. And collective experience. And as a result, they lost a strong telepathic connection with each other, animals, forces of nature. And at the same time they lost the ability of clairvoyance, telekinesis, levitation, understanding of the elements and subtle vibrations of the surrounding space. We entered the era of increasing materialism and identified our eternal souls with bodies and matter, the density of which was increasing and increasing. And all this was lost with the humiliation of the Great Mother Goddess, whose bosom was perceived as the Primordial Gates of Creation, the Sacred Vessel Giving new life to all living things. The Earth was presented as the Sacred Body of the Most Ancient Mother Goddess.
           And then, according to ancient texts, the sacred remnants of the Golden Age, the high arts of civilization, the purification of wisdom were transferred to mankind. And Mother herself, the Great Goddess in the Image of the Sumerian Inanna, Egyptian Isis, Indian Saraswati, presented all these Heavenly Gifts.
          As emanations of the Great Feminine, these Ancient Goddesses were often identified with the art of weaving. And their task was to weave the streams of Divine Light, Beauty, Truth and Grace into the fabric of our mortal world. These Goddesses became admirers of tradition and bearers of the Secret Knowledge.
            In order to connect a person with the Spiritual World in the Bronze Age, priests and priestesses became mediators between Heaven and Earth, and showed people various arts: dance, music, sculpture, painting, theater. It was during this period that myths, legends, mysteries – treasuries of human knowledge were recorded with the help of songs, dances, hieroglyphs, signs and symbols, images. This was the beginning of culture and sacred arts. Thanks to this, an ordinary person was able to find a connection with the subtle and complex world of the Divine. And dance, dramatic art, music and chants made it possible to cognize the reality of the subtle vibrations of the soul, that which is invisible to the eye, but can only be felt with the help of the heart.
              Finally, when Kali–Yuga, the Iron Age, in which you and I live, came, man finally lost his True Spirituality and Beauty. The beauty and spirituality of the oral Word, the sacred gesture, the artistic symbol, the sublimity of the Sacred Image – all this was completely lost.
            And today the Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium was born. And it all shone again anew. Cosmic Music, Spiritual Poetry, Spontaneous Dance, Cosmic Painting, Living Oral Word carrying the Highest Spiritual Meaning, Theatrical Mystery, Song, Costume Art, Imagery – all this again reveals to man the Image of the Spiritual World and the Beautiful Face of the Most Ancient Mother Goddess.
            Indeed, even if we take such words as “History”, in the English sounding “History”, “His” means he, “story” is a story, that is, “his story”. And so the story is a narration on behalf of a man's face. But if you take the word "Mystery", the English word "Miss" is again "Woman", "story" is a story, that is, "her story." So in the era of the Golden Age and the Bronze Age, when the remnants of an ancient culture were transferred and revived again with the help of the Theater of the Mysteries, all this manifested itself. Then, it was “Her Story” – the Story of the Great Mother Goddess, Who Possessed the Most Ancient Knowledge, Who Knew the Higher Spaces and Worlds, and Who Nourished everything with Her Sacred Milk.
           The Theater of the Mysteries is the quintessence of subtle, fine arts that awaken in a person the knowledge of the realities of the Primary The Space in which Lived and Rules the Lightbringer, the Most Ancient Mother Goddess – the Source of all that exists, the Great Artist–Craftswoman, Creating the Circular Canvas of Worlds, Galaxies and the entire Universe.
The actors of the Theater of the Mysteries are educated priests and priestesses. With the help of body language, transmitting the harmony of planetary space, creating Spiritual Reality together with the Mother Goddess.
          Polyart of the Third Millennium is now called upon to put in order the human soul, first of all, to restore the feeling of Harmony and Balance, Righteousness and Beauty, to return a person to communion with the World of Love, the Spiritual Plan of the Universal Cosmic Reality, where Order, Love, Joy and Light rule.
         Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium is called upon to return the Child of Cosmos to the Bosom of the Primordial Mother, the Wisdom of God. Awake in the world, O Mistress of the World, Goddess of Life! The beautiful is in Heaven!

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