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Who is Victoriya Viktorovna PreobRAzhenskaya?

Mother of the World – Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos
Degraded to the level of a human
Victoriya Viktorovna PreobRAzhenskaya
and Revived the Ancient Sacral Knowledge
in a modern form and Created a Powerful Overworld Culture
"Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium"
synthesis of several types of arts
based on the Metagalactic Concept–Paradigm
about the Harmony and Unity of the Two Cosmic Beginnings and all that exists:
the unity of Spirit and Matter, Earthly and Heavenly, Male and Female!

Victoriya Viktorovna PreobRAzhenskaya –
Founder of a completely new direction in art
"Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium"

"Just as the interaction of the elements of water, fire, air and earth,
form the sphere of human life, and Polyart
Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya
in a single cosmic pattern they combine Music, Poetry, Dance and Painting.
Heartfelt musical chords of a pulsating universe,
Mysteries and Dances, in which the magic of Her sensual movements
conveys the sacred synthesis of the elements of the Earth and Space,
 sublime poetic lines and light-breathing canvases
open the door for the contemplator to the transcendent creative space.
sounding high cosmic vibrations
colors and images of Universal Harmony."
(Commentary from Video–film
"Space Polyart of the Third Millennium")
"Cosmic Polyart 
like a multifaceted crystal, each face of which radiates its own
their own chromaticity, vibration, but in general they are a Single spiritlight stream
revealing unknown beautiful worlds to man
Of the Universal Cosmic Reality." 
V. PreobRAzhenskaya said.

 Ideological Inspiration, Creator, Director
Theater of the Mysteries is an Artist, Poet, Musician, Composer,
Performer of his own works
Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya.

"Space Polyart of the Third Millennium
of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya
forms a special Spiritual Space,
in which Time and Eternity unite.
And the beholder penetrates the boundaries of the unknown and reveals
for oneself the Sources of Otherness, the Sources of the Unified Supermundane Cosmic Culture."
(Commentary from Video–film
"Space Polyart of the Third Millennium")
Space Art of the Third Millennium
synthesizes many kinds of arts in one.
The Author Combined into a single whole Cosmic–Esoteric Painting and Graphics,
Cosmic Song and Music, Spiritual Poetry and Prose, Mystical Dance,
Theater of the Mysteries, Scientific Theosophical Works.
She Revived the Ancient Science and Culture in a new modern form.

Victoriya Viktorovna PreobRAzhenskaya –
Academician of the Noosphere Public Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology,
Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Theosophy,
full professor at Oxford,
laureate and diploma recipient of UNESCOUNICEF,
member of the Coordinating Council of the Intergovernmental Program "Human Health"
under the President of the International Security Parliament,
member of the International Art Fund,
member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists (Russia),
member of the Kiev charity
art association "Golden Palette" (Ukraine),
full member of the Russian Physical Society.
Author of 198 paintings, 755 poems, 36 music albums,
many Mystical Dances and Author of 12 books.

Director and main actor of several Mysteries,
the main one is "Orion's Wife".
Author of 2 doctoral dissertations
and numerous Scientific Theosophical Works.
Editor–in–chief of 45 Victoriya RA Magazines,
The author of the new anthem of Ukraine.
On November 30, 2014, the International Institute of Intellectual Property
issued an International Patent for the discovery of "Space Art
of the Third Millennium of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya".
On April 20, 2015, the Oxford Educational Network
together with the World Register of Elite Scientists
and the Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council
in the Open International Competition
awarded Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya the title
"The Best Scientist of the World 2015".

Awarded a public award of Russia – the Mariinsky Insignia of the 2nd degree,
awarded the Ertsgammic Badge,
awarded by the International Areopagus of Arts "Apollo" Certificate
with the presentation of the Gold Medal.
Organizer of 90 personal exhibitions in different countries and cities,
as well as a participant in 137 collective exhibitions,
where she was awarded many diplomas and certificates.
Read a course of 6 scientific lectures in Moscow
and held creative evenings in many countries of the world,
including 24 creative evenings in Kiev.
Participant of international scientific conferences.
Her paintings and posters are in private galleries and museums.
Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Italy, Germany, Israel, Canada.
He has many students and admirers in many countries of the world.
Her Music is performed by the string quartet 
of the Taras Shevchenko Opera Theater in Kiev.

Victoriya Viktorovna PreobRAzhenskaya –
Woman–Vanguardist of the New Era of the Third Millennium Renaissance.
Cosmic Beauty and Harmony of Her Creativity will save the world!

The Works of Victoriya PreobRAzhenskaya can be found


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