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All certificates on Last Coming of the God
    1. The description of certificates on Last Coming of the God.
           On this site vbb– presented all evidence about the Last Coming of God the Most High – Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos on Earth, about the Birth of the Seven Christes at the head with Prophet of Yuoann Svami, generalized Name Which «John–Peter the Second», and about of Incarnation in the Apocalypse on the Slavic lands 12 and 72 of the Apostles, 144000 of the Saints – the chosen people of the Great White Brotherhood.
            In twelve folders of site present: 
1. Certificate of Mother of the Eternity Mariya DEVI Khristos.
Space Poliart of the Third Millennium.
3. Certificates of Son Divine, of Prophet Yuoann Svami.
4. Certificates of remain of the Great White Brotherhood.
5. Sermons of remain of the Great White Brotherhood. 
6. Certificates of Last Precept.
7. Yusmalianstvo is a New Religion of Golden age.
8. Historical certtificates to the Last Mission of God.
9. Evidence of Bible about the Last Advent of God.
10. Evidence of Bible about Day of Court Great and Frightful.
11. Fotoalbom of Mother of the Eternity of Mariya DEVI Khristos.
12. Fotoalbom of Father of the Eternity John–Peter the Second.
            When you open each folder you will read the Word (quote) the Mother of the Eternity from the Last Testament, relevant to the theme and contents of folders.
            On this site you can read selected Addresses, Messages, Articles, from the Last Testament of God himself again Incarnate God of His Essence, and on His Mission. Here you can learn about the Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoriya Preobrazhenskaya – the basis of a new culture for humanity of a new era. And also will see Certificates of Son Divine, Prophet of Yuoann Svami in the His Articles. And also will find the certificates of remain of Great White Fraternity in Sermons, Addresses to Ukraine and to humanity. 
            On this site you will learn about the Last Testament of the Living God as the basis of New Age Doctrine of the Faith of the Mother of the World – YUSMALIANSTVO. Learn the history of Parish of God on Earth and the history of the chosen people. 
            And also will read all biblical testifying to Advent of God in Mother, about Birth New Seven Christes and Rescue 144000 select people of Great White Fraternity from earth a north – Slavic.
           On the basis of information of site you will understand execution of prophecies Bibles that are basis of Program Rescues Earth of «YUSMALOS». And will find the «key» to understanding of Bible: Law of reincarnation of the souls on the basis of biblical examples.
           On the website you can see the foundations of three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Yusmalianstvo. As the Mother of the Eternity Joined together Three of the Covenant: Old, New and Last.
             2. Universal Church «Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS) and Association of private people.
           Materials of site will help you to distinguish Universal Church «Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS) from Community of the Transformed Humanity, and later  from Public organization of admirers and enthusiasts of Space Poliart, and now – from the group of support of Space Poliart or Associations of private people (see sites and
          This division and schism of the Universal Church "Great White Brotherhood" (YUSMALOS) in 1995 was the result of numerous tests of the Lord Maria DEVI Khristos and the Prophet Yuoann Swami. A smaller part of the church withstood the test and remained faithful to the Mother of the World, the Prophet and the Last Testament, while the majority of the church, as a result of the tests, betrayed the Prophet Yuoann Swami and the Last Testament.
        So, is a site of Victoriya Victorovna PreobRAgenskaya, granddoctor of Philosophy, complete professor of Oxford, academician NPAS, Creator «Space Poliart of the Third Millennium»; 
  and are sites Associations of private people and businessmen; is a site of Universal Church of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos «Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS).
              3. Rescue only through believe in God Living and in Universal Church.
           Our website – unique in the world where you will find the God–Savior and salvation through repentance in Divine Church from imminent great calamities and global cataclysms in 2018–2030 years: 
           –  from Energy of the fourth measurement going to the Earth (Kingdoms Divine), that is from outpouring by God of Spirit Sacred to the Earth;
           – from going to Earth Energyes from two coming nearer Stars of Mother of Eternity and the Father of Eternity;
           – from a large heat by the summer of both fires and hunger from the shortage of products or their costliness, and also from anomalies of a climate on a planet;
           – from the epidemics and pandemics of incurable illnesses;
           – from electromagnetic radiations from a regeneration of star of Betel'geyze in a superstar in constellation Orion and all of stars of this constellation;
           – from solar activity, from powerful storms and explosions on the Sun;
           – from earthquakes and floods which will be caused gravitational field of the planet of Nibiru;
           – from defeat by Fiery energy of a planet of Nibiru which physical carrier is gamma radiation;
         – from change of poles of Earth, change and shock of its mainland part: complete care under water of America, England, Western Europe, Australia and etc.;
           – from technical and ecological catastrophes, caused natural cataclysms, and also the climatic weapon of type HAARP;
           – from electromagnetic radiations of a mobile communication 5G;
      – from vaccination, chipization, biometrinization and codification (seals of death "666") of population of Earth and transformation of him in biorobots by Antichrist;
           – from Seven bowls of Anger Lord and from Court of God . 
           And also You find the keys to Immortality and peace of Fire (the fourth dimension or the Kingdom of Heaven).
           4. Sequence of study of materials of site.
          All folders of site are bound by a logical idea. Therefore we recommend to look over them and study consistently from the first to the last. And also at first to become familiar with maintenance of site being at the end of menu. 
          On all your questions there are answers on our site. If you did not find answers at once, then re–read once again attentively materials of site.
        On the site, we do not prove anything to anyone and no one discussing, and carry Good New and witness all, that God Almighty and the chosen people (the Host of Heaven, White Shambhala, All Saints), headed by Seven Christes (the Archangels, Arhats) came to Earth to save mankind! Evidence of the coming of The Last of the Living God – more than enough, and the New Testament lacks evidence of at least two people. But your case: to take or not.
         Forming of site is mainly complete. But a site periodically is in editorial support: pictures and musical compositions are added in two–bits; specified, corrected and added texts. In maintenance of site marked asterisks: the corrected (*) or complemented (**) or the added new files (***).

           At the use of materials of site a pointer to the site is obligatory.
           The site contains versions: in Russian, the Ukrainian and English languages.
          For the color background of menu and alphanumeric field of site are taken the fragments of pictures of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos «Celestial Oakery» and «In Measurings of Light».
         The translation of the English version of site is made by a translator from the Internet. Therefore in texts there can be stylistic errors. We ask us to excuse. 
           A site is adjusted for viewing in all of browsers last versions. 
            We recommend browsers Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex.

Creators of site:
Remain of Universal Church 
«Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS),
High Priests Kesullof and Visanta
(initially Arhats of Shambala, 
Archangels Raphael and Uriel,
Apostles Jacob Zevedeyev and Jacob Alfeyev,
Angels of  Philadelphia and Smyrna churches,
again incarnate 
Mishel Nostradamus and Vangeliya Gushterova (Vanga))


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