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On April, 11, 1990 – 
to the Earth Got off God – Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos!
Apocalypse and Armageddon began! 
(see Jeremiah, 29:10, Revelation, 1:78, 16:16)

On April, 11, 2019 –
(11.11.27 y.n.e.)
29 years of Stay of God, Messiah – of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos on Earth!

On April, 11, 1990 –
The First Birth to Seven Christ’s – of Lord John–Peter the Second!
(see Isaiah, 9:6–7, Revelation, 12:5)

28 May, 1990 –
First meeting of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos with Son Divine Yuoann Svami (pr. Elijah).
30 May is Dedication of Son Divine Yuoann Svami
in Prophet and Patriarch of Church 144000 Saints.
Founding of Universal Church «Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS).
(see Amos, 3:3–7, Isaiah, 2:2–3)

31 May, 1990 – on November, 10, 1993 –
1260 days of prophecies of Two Prophets Divine
Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos (pr. Moses) and Son Divine Yuoann Svami (pr. Ilya)
 (see Malachi, 4:5, from John, 5:45, Revelation, 10:11, 11:3–13, 12:1)

1 March, 1992 – on Octobers, 2, 1993 –
Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos (pr. Moses) and Son Divine Yuoann Svami (pr. Ilya)
Send away in the «Desert» (Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia)
from pursuit of the state-religious system «Beast» Ukraine.
(see Revelation, 12:13–16)

Reincarnations of Prophet Moses are in Old Testament: 
Eva, Enoch, Sarra, Agar, Isaac, Revekka, Moses, Isaiah, Ruth, Iudif, Esfir. 
In New Testament: Virgin Mary.
Reincarnations of Prophet Ilya are in Old Testament: 
Abel, Sim, Melhisedek, Jacob (Israel), Judas, Aaron, Gofoniil, David, 
Ilya, Jesus Iosedekov, Judas (Maccabee), Mardohey, Ezekiel, Daniil, Malachi.
In New Testament: Joseph, John Baptist, John Zevedeev (Theologian).

1 June, 1993 –
it is officially announced beginning of Time Great Sorrow –
tests of Great White Fraternity
(see Revelation, 7:13–14)
10 November, 1993 –
(10.06.02 y.n.e.)
Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos (Lord Jesus–Mariya) 
and Son Divine, Prophet Yuoann Svami (J.Theologian)
Let's go to prison for the sins of Great White Brotherhood

2 July, 1994 –
(2.02.03 y.n.e.)
Son Divine, Pastor, High Priest Peter 
Went to prison by their karma and at the Call of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos

1 March, 1995 – on January, 9, 1996 –
took place shameful unfair trial for Ukraine and humanity
above God Living Mariya DEVI Khristos, Sons Divine
Yuoann Svami (J.Theologian) and Peter (Simon).
Main customers of unfair trial from the state-religious system «Beast» Ukraine –
President L.Kravchuk (Ponty Pilate) and Patriarch of UPC KP,
agent of KGB Filaret (Caiaphas)
(see Revelation, 13:5–7)

25 June, 1995 –
the dissidence of Church happened on the remain of Faithful (minority)
at the head with Kesullof (p. Jacob Zevedeev)
and on a satanic assemblage (majority)
at the head with Izrael (Yefrem)
as a result a test
in relation to Prophet Yuoann Svami (J.Theologian) and other tests
(see Neemiah, 6:15, Isaiah, 1:9, 53:1–12, Revelation, 3:9–10)
13 August, 1997 –
(13.03.06 y.n.e.)
Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos and Son Divine, Pastor, High Priest Peter
Released from prison. It is Day of Universal Freedom 

10 September, 1999 –
(10.04.08 y.n.e.)
Son Divine, Prophet Yuoann Svami (J.Theologian)
Got out of prison. It is Day of Universal Hope

1 June, 1993 – on March, 7, 2018 –
(1.01.02 y.n.e. – 7.10.26 y.n.e.)
almost 25 years of Time of Great Sorrow
(24 years, 9 months, 7 days)  
for Universal Church «Great White Brotherhood» (YUSMALOS)
made off

On May, 30, 2019 –
(30.12.27 y.n.e.)
29 years of founding, becoming and service of Universal Church 
«Great White Brotherhood» (YUSMALOS)

Since 10.11.1993 to 10.11.2019 
(10.06.02 y.n.e. – 10.06.28 y.n.e.)
are 26 years of Court Divine 
of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos over sinful humanity

8.03.2018 – 1.11.2021 –
(8.10.26 y.n.e. – 1.06.30 y.n.e.)
1335 days for those who expects and will attain bliss
on prophecies of Daniel, Chapter 12, article 12.

This stage of Apocalypse Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos can shorten
on 3 yars to 1.11.2018 
in obedience to Verse there is «Expectation» 
(book «In Immolation», part 2 «Celestial Prisoner»)
and Verses «28 yars!», «FEASANCE», «28 is a perfect number!»
(Col. «Sofia-Mariya», book 5 «Reign of Sofiya», Part 9 «SIGHTED»)
and in obedience to the Article 
«For the sake of Select these days will grow short…».
Accordingly on 3 the next stages of Apocalypse will grow short.

On July, 28, 2019 –
(28.02.28 y.n.e.)
Calculation day under constellation of Leo
Second Birth of Seven Christ’s – Lord John-Peter The Second!
2.11.2021 – 6.03.2023 –
(2.06.30 y.n.e. – 6.10.31 y.n.e.) 
490 days, seventy weeks determined upon thy people and thy Holy city,
to covered was a crime, was sealed and smoothed the sins of lawlessness,
and that one was brought righteousness is an everlasting righteousness,
and sealed was vision and prophet, and anointed with was the Holy of holies 
on the prophecies of Daniel, Chapter 9, p. 24.

7.03.2023 – 24.04.2023 –
(7.10.31 y.n.e. – 24.11.31 y.n.e.) 
49 days from the time going forth of the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem,
to Messiah the Prince, seven weeks according 
on prophecies of Daniel, Chapter 9, article 25.

25.04.2023 . – 2.07.2024 . –
(25.11.31 ... – 2.02.32 ...)
people will return and streets and walls will be built up, 
but in difficult times on the prophecies of Daniel, ch.9, art.25.
The gathering of 144000 priests of the Great White Brotherhood
through the examinations on the fundamentals 
of Judaism, Christianity and Yusmalianstvo.

1.09.2024 – 11.02.2028 –
(1.04.32 y.n.e. – 11.09.36 y.n.e.)
the estimated 42 months (1260 days) trampling by the Gentiles 
Temple of God chosen people of the Great White Brotherhood 
according to the prophecies of Revelation, Chapter 11, article 2.

12.02.2028 – 12.02.2029 – 
(12.09.36 y.n.e. – 12.09.37 y.n.e.)
current year redeemed from the land of the Great White Brotherhood 
according to the prophecies of Isaiah, Chapter 63, article 4. 
The first of the redeemed Seven of Christs; next in the Hierarchy – 
12, 72 and 144 thousands Logoses.

13.02.2029 – 13.02.2030 –
(13.09.37 y.n.e.– 13.09.38 y.n.e.)
estimated year of Retribution to the sinners, 
to the politicians state systems «Beast» and persecutors, 
to the false prophets and false shepherds, to the bookmen and pharisees, 
to the judges and those who were crucified the Living God and His Saints, 
to the by a sale scribblers of MASS-MEDIA and slanderers
for the Suffering of the Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos, 
Father of Eternity John–Peter the Second and the Holy Great White Brotherhood 
according to the prophecies of Isaiah, Chapter 34, article 8.

14.02.2030 – 17.02.2030 –
(14.09.38 y.n.e. – 17.09.38 y.n.e.) 
3,5 days after the Sacrifice 
of the Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos (Pr. Moses, Virgin Mary) 
and the Son of Man Yuoann Swami (Pr. Elias, J.Evangelist) 
according to the prophecies of Revelation, Chapter 11, article 7–12.

On February, 17, 2030
(17.09.38 y.n.e.) 
is estimated Day of Ascension of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos,
Lord John–Peter the Second, 144000 Logoses of Great White Brotherhood  
and quantum jump of planet Earth in the Fiery world!
Sentence of Court of Divine – Great and Frightful – to sinful humanity!


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