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  Repent, Ukraine! Because you are very sinful before God!
        Today you, Ukraine, repeat the fate of the ancient Jews.
        1. The history of the Sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth the Jews.
       As you know, in the 1st century n.e. the land of Judea was conquered by the Roman Empire. In difficult conditions Happened the First Coming of God to the chosen people of Israel. The Lord Jesus Christ is not raised the sword to the Romans, and were Taught to love our enemies and Warned that "all they that take the sword, the sword will perish." (see from Matthew, 5:44, 26:52). The Lord Jesus Christ was persecuted, threw stones and accused It of demons by the power of the Prince of darkness, Beelzebub heals people (see from Mark 3:22).
         But in the court of the Sanhedrin accused Jesus of blasphemy, spit and beat Him (see from Mark 14:55–65). Then Jesus Christ was tortured and crucified on the Cross between two thieves, as It was associated with the wicked (see from Mark 15:27–28). In the New Testament Jesus Christ Foretold the Coming of God Himself in the Way of the Holy spirit and the son of God J.Theologian (see from Matthew 21:33–41, 24:29–39, from John, 13:31–32, 14:16, 26, 15:26, 16:7–15, 19:26). And Warned that the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (on Mother) will not be forgiven: "And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven; but he who blasphemes against the Holy spirit will not be forgiven." (from Luke 12:10).
          The apostles of Jesus Christ were persecuted, tried, and all killed and crucified (see Acts, 4:1–21, 7:52–60, 8:1, 9:1–2, 12:1–4).
         So after Judah ceased to exist as a state, and in Jerusalem was destroyed the temple of Solomon. The Jews were scattered around the world, and the earth God was given to the Arabs. And formed the Arab state of Palestine, i.e.: Fallen Truth. 
          2. The history of the Sufferings of the Lord MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS on earth of Ukraine.
         After the first century of the Christian Era, the spiritual center of the planet Jerusalem and the Promised land is transferred by God to the earth from the Dnieper river to the Volga, as evidenced by the Bible prophets Jeremiah (1:15, 3:18, 6:22, 13:20, 16:14–15, 23:7–8, 31:8, 46:10, 50:41) and Zechariah (2:6, 6:8) on land North of Ukraine and Russia. Here reincarnated chosen people of Israel – 144000 saints. Today is the Great White Brotherhood, and Kyiv is Jerusalem – the city of the Second Coming of God. 
         In the Second Coming of Ukraine with the Living God – the Lord MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS has done even worse than with the Son of God Jesus Christ: called Satan, was considered to be criminals, pursued the Ministry of internal Affairs, the security service and Interpol, expelled from Ukraine, was arrested and subjected to psychiatric examination, tried, and tortured in prisons with the processing of psychotronic devices and in colonies with venereal patients and murderers, defamed and slandered in the media. And soon Ukraine will kill the Living God together with his Son! 
         Did the same thing with the Son of God, by the Prophet Yoanna Swami and Lord, Pastor Peter. And the Apostles of God the Great White Brotherhood was persecuted, beaten, and tortured in psychiatric hospitals, and detention facilities. 
            3. Warning Ukraine about the troubles of the Crucifixion of God and His Saints.
          The Lord MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS in 1993 warned Ukraine about the troubles of the Crucifixion of God and His Saints in "The Word of the LIVING GOD – the MESSIAH – MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS to Ukraine": "The terrible blasphemy of the Holy spirit, libel and hate Me – MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS IS the SUPREME Lord, and My Lamp Prophet YOANN SWAMI and My Holy Living Church "YUSMALOS" (Great White Brotherhood) – You, My Ukraine in a few days will drown in blood!
            Alas, Kievgrad! A stone does not remain in the Day of God's Wrath from your slutty face! Because you drove Her Messiah and the Comforter: the spirit of Truth – MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS, and the prophet of God – YOANN SWAMI from their land – will Send you pestilences, incurable diseases, deadly radiation and cosmic radiation! For every blasphemous word and hatred in My address and the address usmalian (Saints of God) will Kill whole families with their children, those who sow to the LIVING GOD and My Church blasphemy and slander!!!
          For what you, the blind men and the servants of Satan, put in prison and a mental hospital My Holy evangelists (usmalian), disciples and apostles will perish, as vile worms, in the torments of hell, which already comes to the Earth (the center of hell on Earth will be Ukraine and Kiev)!!!
           For what you are afraid of the common people My Name, answering My Love hate will burn from Fohat (Light of God) that comes from Me and My Church Living the "Great White Brotherhood" (YUSMALOS)! Barely dare to touch the Holy tel smalian – will be doomed to death!"
          And yet: «And I will Stagger every unrighteous; but I will Fondle that, who will accept me in the heart! Retribution already went not only on Ukraine but also on Russia! And now will overtake each, who will disparage My Spirit Divine and My Children — Faithful children Divine! Wait catastrophes, deaths, floods, incurable illnesses, hunger, fratricide! All troubles will fall on incorrect human family, not accepting Celestial Mother, Showing in Itself God!» (Message «I Fight for every sinner!»).             
              Today these warnings Ukraine of the Living God fulfilled!
              4. God's great punishment Ukraine for the Crucifixion of God and His Saints.
          The Crucifixion of the Living God MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS and His Saints of the Great White Brotherhood Ukraine plundered by the oligarchs, has become a market of global capital and ceased to be an independent country. The country is mired in a huge external debt and has become one of the most backward countries in the world.
           Clergy and politicians have brought Ukraine in all spheres of the state to full collapse and collapse. Because God Living Mariya DEVI Khristos Took away a mind for them. They divided Ukraine into sects, parties, rich and poor, East and West by the Nations. Want to share another Federation and to make the decentralization of power. Therefore, Ukraine will cease to exist as a state.
             The Lord Jesus Christ warned about this: "Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." (from Matthew 12:25).
          Today in Ukraine the power was taken right–wing nationalist party, headed by oligarchic capitalists. Bringing the banned Communist party of Ukraine and launched a punitive war (ATO) in the South–East of the country disagree with violent seizure of power right–wing parties and their policies entry in U and one the state language. Insurgent militias in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts against the regime of the junta falsely called "separatists" and "terrorists". 
          And the separatists are those who have divided the country into lots and blocks, rich and poor, on sects, West, and East nationalities. Terrorists are those who plundered people's wealth, sold and sell this wealth of Western capitalists, has made the country the market for Western capital, those who scored the IMF has a lot of debt, with full pockets with stolen money.
              It should be noted that in 1933 in Germany came to power right national socialist party headed by Adolf Hitler. Smoking was the Communist party and started the war against the USSR. All know how it ended.
                 God Mariya DEVI Khristos Said:
«Donbas nobody put on knees and putting nobody is not given»!
           In Ukraine the prices go up on everything and signed destructive agreement with the EU. Untalented rulers growingly take credits at IMF. And falling living standards. It will completely devastate and bankrupt the country. And Ukraine will cease to exist as a state. This is evidenced by the prophecy of Nahum, 1:1–8, 2:1–13, where Nineveh is Ukraine, which will be completely devastated. And the prophecy of Jeremiah, 1:14–15, 4:6–13, 6:1–8, 22–26, 10:22, 46:20 talk about the disaster from the North country (Russia), where a Jew is Ukraine, Jerusalem is Kiev. The prophecy of Ezekiel, ch. 38 and 39 are saying about the king Gogh (V.Putin), which will go to the land of Magog (Ukraine) and will win it in the last days.
              This Great God's punishment Ukraine for unbelief and rebellion against the Living God and His Saints! 
           Famous prophetess Vanga said about Ukraine: "The Fact that United will crumble to pieces. It will be next to Russia." "Crimea will break away from one coast and grow to another." And astrologers predicted the collapse of Ukraine, including T.Globa predicted the collapse of Ukraine into five parts. 
          In addition, Lord MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS Said in the Articles: "Ukraine has become a colony of the USA and the West and will soon cease to exist as a state, because, already bursting at the seams, and rules over the people, here, a gang of criminals." (Article "The Inevitable Retribution", 2014.).
          «And a country will cease to exist soon, because Fokerma (U.Timoshenko — note author) in a race for power will take people to the bloody butchery.» (Article «VICTORY of RUS — after Us!», 2013).
         «Because, people that rejects the Rescuer become people kithless and multiple». (Article is «Slavs! Our Force — in Unity! And athletic Russian Spirit will Enter you!», 2014).
          Ukraine is the heart of the planet Earth. She collapses and dies. As has rejected the Keeper of Ukraine – of the Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos and chose anti–Christian way of development and wide road goes into perdition.  
         All States also arranged antimoisture. Everywhere corruption, rampant animal sex, anti–culture, the cult of money, the cult of wealth, immorality, predation, anger, selfishness, hatred to each other, ugly reptiloids "standards of beauty", Russophobia. And war, color revolutions, decays States, crises from overproduction of goods, destruction of the environment of human existence, classes, rich and poor, slave–like exploitation of peoples by the world government magnates and reptilians (of Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, etc.).
           Christianity throughout the world of politics, business and shows. Everywhere thrive scribes and Pharisees, which generated many false teachings and religious sects. All sects ("churches") – the abomination of desolation and the encoding of the dark spirit of the Antichrist. And worldwide, there is an encoding of the peoples of the seal of the Antichrist 666". The astral field of the Earth is full of false information false Christs, false prophets, and contactees is passed in as the new teachings of the new era.
            In nature – the anomalies of climate, drought, forest and peat fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, ecological catastrophe. 
            This is the complete degradation and destruction of this world, it is the collapse of our civilization, because it have rejected the Savior of the world – the Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos! The end she came! The end!!!
            Repent, repent, repent, Ukraine!!! For the Coming Day of the Lord is the Judgment of the Lord MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS is the Great and Terrible!
            You will be saved, only those who believe, repent and call on the Name of the Living God!
            Ukraine! On his knees before the Living God – the Lord MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS!

The High Priests of The Universal Church 
Kesullof (M. Nostradamus) and Visanta (Vanga)



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