Message of Light
Divine Poetry
Universal Church Great White Brotherhood YUSMALOS Space Music of
Mother of the World
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The player maintenance «Message of Light», «Divine Poetry»
The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos executes

Message of Light
2. A hymn to Elements
3. The Newcomer
4. The Sun house                 
5. Merge
6. Hymn to Victory of Light
7. Expectation. The Poetry cycle
8. This world
9. Giperboreya
10. A hymn to the Sun
11. A way to Rostau

The player maintenance «Space Music of Mother of the World»
The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos executes

1. Light Victory (The Album «Breath of Orion»)
2. A Sacred Labyrinth (The Album of "Edem")
3. Mysterious Visiting of the Moon (The Album "Metagalaxy")
4. A Solar Wind (The Album "Metagalaxy")
5. In measurements of stars (The Album «The Star Mystery»)
6. The phenomenon of Mother of the World (The Album of "Edem")
7. Music of Spheres (The Album "Metagalaxy")
8. All mercy Aditi (The Album «Kingdom of Sofia»)
9. A Dream of Izida (The Album «The Planet Egypt»)
10. Light Temple (The Album «The Golden Age – Zep Tepi»)
11. other of the World (The Album «Breath of Orion»)


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