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about Coming Antichrist and the lying prophet,
 about state–religious system of power "Animal" 
in Ukraine and in Russia

         11:7–8 – Beast (satanic state), quitting an abyss, will battle with Them (with God Live and the Son Divine J.Theologian), and will win over Them, and will put to death Them, and dead bodies will leave them in the street of great city which is spiritually named «Sodom and Egypt» (Kiev), where and Lord our is Crucified;
          12:3–4 the Large red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns, on the heads of it 7 diadems (The USSR, regenerate in the UIS) was on Sky; it led away from Sky the third part of stars (the fallen angels are demons) on Earth and became before Wife (By God), in order when It will Give birth, to devour Its baby (New Christ);
the Great dragon, urgent devil and satan (Antichrist) and angels of it (demons) are dumped on Earth by Archangel by Michael and angels of it;
          12:13–17 – Dragon (Antichrist) began to pursue Wife (God) on Earth Which Gave (spiritually) birth the baby of masculine floor (New Christ); but Wife (God) escaped in the desert (occident) from a dragon; and it turned on in track Its water as river (slander); but earth helped Wife (To God) and ate up the river which was allowed by a dragon (the religious–state maffia); and a dragon entered into a bad language with other from the seed of It (by believers in God Living, select);
          13:1–8 – Dragon (Antichrist) gave force it and throne (power) to Beast (The USSR is the UIS) with 7 heads and 10 horns (family and ten by its rulers); A beast waged war with by saints and won over them;
           13:11–18 – John saw other Beast 
(satanic state), quitting Earth; it had two horns (it is Antichrist and lying prophet); An antichrist and lying prophet compel all of Earth and above–ground on it will worship the first Beast (to satanic power); and creates (Antichrist) great signs and seduces above–ground wonders (by whining icons, healings of sinners in pharisaic dead churches by the Name «Jesus Christ», by the phenomena to the sinners of God Mother and Jesus Christ et cetera) on Earth; and there will be every kill Beast (by satanic power), whoever will worship Antichrist; and Beast will lay all an outline (print of death) on a right arm or on their brow (microchip); or will give the name of Beast (electronic passport), or number of the name of it (identification number of citizen of Ukraine): it is impossible neither to sell without the number of the name of it nor buy; it is a number «666» – a number is human is a code, under which the last name, name and patronymic, and also all of information about a man;
          14:9–12 – «And the third Angel followed on them, speaking loud voice: who worships a Beast (satanic state) and appearance of it and accepts an outline on a brow it, or on a hand it, that will drink wine fury of God, wine is whole, prepared in the bowl of anger of It, and it will be torment afire and sulphur before sainted Angels and before Lamb; and smoke of torment them will ascend in the eyelids of ages, and will have rest neither in the day–time nor at night worshiping a beast and appearance of it and accepting the outline of the name of it. Here patience of saints, observing the commandments of God and faith in Jesus».
          17:1–18 – a trial is shown John of wife, great strange woman; on the brow of it the name is written Babylon is great (Moscow is the capital of worshipping to idols empire of the USSR); The secret of wife (cities of great) and beast, having 7 heads and 10 horns is exposed John; 7 heads are 7 mountains which a wife (city) and 7 tsars sits on (rulers of Beast – 7 Secretaries of CK of KPSS); this Beast (THE USSR) will fall, but will rise in a revolt again, as the UIS at the head with 10 tsars (by presidents); and Agnec, Lord of dominating, Tsar of tsars (God) Conducts a bad language with them, and those, who with God, – Its select; and 10 horns (presidents) will bring to ruin and will burn out afire a strange woman (wife is a city);
Beast (Antichrist) and tsars the earthly (presidents) going to battle with Sitting on a horse (Seven Christs) and with the army of It; A beast (Antichrist) and lying prophet is abandoned in a lake fiery (in Hell);
Dragon the ancient (Antichrist) is bound (in Hell) on 1000 years Angel (By God), going down from Sky (on Earth).


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