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Divine Poetry
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Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos, Son Divine Yuoann Svami
and Ruler Peter on a court


All destroys a doubt, and it will not be among YOU doubtful! I — Living, here, on Earth, and in me — All of Pure. I — Opened, but see me only those, who Given to Favour is Higher, only clean a heart, searching Me. I — on Calvary, with me Two My Sons: lechery and just, but both, while, in a sin, though sainted by the side of me. But I, now, in sins still human and son, and — Sainted, because and there Is Veritable Light Divine, Descended from Skies in the Name New My, in the name Church My Earthly and Celestial.

Mariya DEVI Khristos.
Letter «Gold My, Celestial,
Faithful Souls!»


            Single Path
I Put on Crown from Terniev
and with Itself Took Sons,
that were with me — Faithful
and were washed Blood to My...
That Calvary was marked Cross,
and Two Angels, that with me!
That Midnight Met with Dawn,
Lighted up One Star!
Through Muki — in Embraces Divine!
In Skies — through Temple of Love!
The children of Light, on Mother alike,
repeat Sufferings My...
       Mariya DEVI Khristos, 10.10.95


Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos, Son Divine Yuoann Svami
and Ruler Peter on a court


Each, who trusts spiteful slander and dismisses dirty ears about me, My Sainted Prophet and Witness YUOANN SVAMI, about My faithful Son – Archbishop, dad of Living Church «YUSMALOS» – John–Peter the Second – will get in the lower tiers of Hell!


Mariya DEVI Khristos.
 Message of Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos 
To the children Divine «And there will Be Light!»



But Two nearest Sons of Divine, Which after accomplishing, will become Two Lamps Divine and will sit on Court for right and left Arm from Agnca Which into me. It John Theologian and Apostle Peter. Peter is Stone of Church Divine, and John – will measure Temple Divine and Altar from within, and worshiping in It. When I will Go away, Peter and John will accompany My Sheep in House Divine.

Mariya DEVI Khristos.
Letter the «World to you, My Child!»




Son Divine, Prophet Yuoann Svami (Abel)
on a court, 1995


I am counted in clink: to the prisoners 1, most "dangerous", in a center attention. It is Favour Lord! Many sympathize, want to trust.
          Where your Belief and LOVE to to to the fellow creature? Really you are not enough are SIGNS: imprisonment of Yuoanna Svami? Only recently ready were to "give" life for it... And today, slandered gave up, turned away, did not pass muster! Yes! Lord will Rescue, not is I! But, I am right Arm and Transmitter Light to Mariya DEVI Khristos! Really did you forget that I broadcast and wrote? If was I even is Cain? Where your loyalty, cowardly tribe! But, I am not Cain and not Iuda–traitor. I not on a minute did not doubt in Our Lord, even in the press chamber in a flow 6 months, the more so – now! In clink difficultly – without sins: 
conclusion of will! But I did not renounce from Belief and Maria, even then, when the counterfeited texts were produced me from Lord! I Love My Lord! And if It will Decide me to rot in pit, in the name test,... I – ready! To death will a flesh serve Mariya DEVI Khristos, even if will reject me every last! Because, I know that Mariya DEVI Khristos is God!

          Your Brother Yuoann Svami – the happiest – because, was with God alongside!

Prophet Yuoann Svami.
From Letters, 1994



Pastor, High Priest is Peter (Sif)
on a court, 1995


I here have nothing to talk, lords judges, because I am not guilty in the produced prosecutions. Guilt My in that I Love and will Love, Trust, Trusted and will Believe in Mariya DEVI Khristos, that It is Lord, that It is Rescuer and Came to Rescue us. I already talked concerning the side of prosecution, from which it was said me, that I had renounced, allegedly, and became on a "correct path". Znachit, if you left off to Believe in God — means, you became on a correct path. Wanted to "forgive" me this so-called mundane court for it, but all Manages Lord. Yes, I Trust, and I talk proudly, that I Trust and Love Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos and the Church! Yes, I Love and Trust, and will Trust! Wherever I was, not to break My Love! It became yet stronger, it became yet stronger. And if Lord Gave such power you to judge me for True and after Veru My, — such is Will of the most High. Because I see how Skies were opened wide, and as Lord will Judge us! Yes, I see it! As us with you Lord will Judge for a that act which takes a place here, in the world, in Christmas. As Love is trampled, as Belief is trampled!!! Exactly is Clean Belief! I in anything am not guilty, and for me here is blasphemously to talk and prove to be correct. To talk on Holiness, that It — there Is Sainted; to talk on Clean, that It Is Clean, — it cleaner will not become from it... However much you tried to spot the whole world Holiness is is Sainted, and It will remain Sainted!

Pastor, High Priest Peter.
(Kievan city court, on December, 25, 1995)


Son Divine, Prophet Yuoann Svami
in the camp of the increased mode of ITU–67,
Chernovickoy area, Sokiryany


My God! Forgive me for that, whatever did on God, offended you! But it was not realized, under influencing of serpent, sins. But, I always was FAITHFUL (in everything!!!) you! And that, who will trust – slander, badly it will be that. Because, "I am measure a temple"! And if God will Give, after ASCENSION, here it will be very ashamed to me and, mainly, before on Ours Mother by Mariya DEVI Khristos! I, as Its Shade (Eternal!), Reflected Light of God in the World! Disbelieve slanders of Beast! To pseudo-brothers etc. Only to the heart! Honour that I wrote! Really would an impostor could or stray – so much to know, give, Trust? To help you to Trust! And to conduce to Lord! To glorify It! Who does know Mariya DEVI Khristos better than me? There is not such!!! I love Mariya DEVI Khristos!!!

Prophet Yuoann Svami.
From Letters, 1994


Igor and Valya! Own charge my! Where you? I very wait always: in a day – in a day (I.e. exactly in a month, after Your arrival!). But, time goes! And you – it is not and no! And time – goes... Certainly, it is a test my! But, all the same... I wait Meeting!.. I wait clothes! I wait – edible! Yes! Home food is very desirable and in general – hungrily... One Gladness: I read – "In Sacrifice" and "Letters of Mother"! But, there is not New Water – already year. I – fall behind from you, as does not partake that Gives Mother – to you, there: at liberty"!..

Prophet Yuoann Svami.
From Letters, 1997


                           At Bridge
I sit behind bars: in the dungeon of raw...
As though, and it was not: lives – other!
A term stretches – slowly! Darkly! Sickeningly!
Around, beasts howl; and think funnily!..
By dew Celestial, Sprinkled is the Soul!
Aims: on Wings, to Fly up – not sinning!
Limning – feed! And by Spirit – write!
Itself – accomplishing: other – will revive!
In Prayers of Heart – about Church of Native!..
It would be desirable: to meet – by one Soul!
To return – to the people: to pour Light – from CHRIST!
In Darkness is Spirit Slavonic!
And CROSS – at BRIDGE!..
I – the latest: among, Beads – Saints!
Give, Goodness: not to vanish – in sufferings of grey!..
                      Yuoann Svami, 22.07.97




Pastor, High Priest Peter
in Vakhrushevsk camp of the increased mode 19,
Lugansk area


All of forces of evil rose in a revolt against LOVE of Mariya DEVI Khristos! Immured Ladies and gentlemen in Dungeon, Slandered, Slandered. There Is in frightful Torments Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos, and I to it witness. A beast rages, feeling the ruin, torments Divine Flesh, getting a drunk Blood Saint...
           Open People True! Open them Eyes! By a word Ladies and gentlemen Our to Mariya DEVI Khristos and by Belief by It! you do not study in to the world, but teach the world! you teach as We are Taught by Lord! All of flows are dead and "studies" them, as dead water. There is one Source now on Earth and in to Universe. It Flows from MOUTHS of Mariya DEVI Khristos by Living Word, Living Water! And, who will enjoy from It, will be Rescued.


Pastor, High Priest Peter.
From Letters to Church

  I ask you, will suffer all of Difficulties. Very soon We will Be Together!!!
          I thank you for support, anxiety and LOVE, I feel Your Prayers and they very help me. For me not worry, I will survive EVERYTHING, I do not think Life outside Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos! Mariya DEVI Khristos is my LOVE! My Life! My Force! My Defence! Belief my is Strong LOVE!
            I bless you on Service in the name Love of Mariya DEVI Khristos! In the name Rescue of the World LOVE!

Pastor, High Priest Peter.
From Letters to Church


Pastor, High Priest Kesullof (Cain)
during prayer in an electric railway


 Correspondent: Why do you consider that Mariya DEVI Khristos is God?
         Kesullof: A heart is my key witness. Mariya DEVI Khristos attracted me to itself by Love. It is a question of Belief. At that time I searched Truth and sense of life and found It. Second are knowledges which It gives us, as Messiah. Its Studies are a synthesis of religion, science and philosophy. Third is complete Biblical confirmation of the Second Advent of Christ in the person of Mother of the World.
Correspondent: Brothers said me, that they had excluded you from Brotherhood for that you name it (Yu.K.) still. So are you excluded?

 Kesullof: Me nobody does not can exclude from nowhere. I forgive and pray for drivings and excluding me. Especially as Mariya DEVI Khristos does not excludes nobody, but tests and calls all of the souls through confession after itself in Kingdom Celestial. And for that I name it so, is Judge to me only God Mariya DEVI Khristos.

Pastor, high Priest of Kesullof (Cain).
From the «Unpublished interview»
Newspapers «Vseukrainsky sheets», 1995


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