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«So, lines of Bible, portend infinitely, because they – living! But Limning is necessary not thoughtlessly to quote, but to understand, collating with life.

In hands priests-fornications Bible is dead, and so I Feed the Living Water now the still human souls, and drinking My Water will not thirst for ever!

How do you think, demons, about what "Wife" talked in "Apocalypse"? About what  Spirit of Truth, Comforter, Spirit Saint did Jesus Christ Talk in Gospel, Promising Its (Spirit of Truth) Arrival the same, as well as in the days of Noah? Open Bible and honour, if disbelieve Living Word to Divine!»

      «Now, open Bible and read, read, read! «Who not with Me, that against Me; and whoever collects with Me, that dissipates...».

      «Cain averted you from Bible. And I Talk: – this Book of Precepts of Divine! And following Biblical Commandments, you follow by Me».

        «Probe Bible. There all is said about Me, about you, about Church».

        «Address to Sainted Writing and will see History of Church of Divine.»

The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. Last Precept



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