Message of Light
Divine Poetry
Universal Church Great White Brotherhood YUSMALOS Space Music of
Mother of the World
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«Now Church My Living gathers from everywhere - Universal, New, Eternal! Are 144 thousands in white clothes, going from Great Sorrow.» 

«I will transform in Life Eternal Gold by God-Bearing Fohat 144 thousand martyrs of Saints! All will see Ascent of My Church on Skies!»

      «But, Children My, that My Program was Accomplished rather – it is needed everywhere constantly to preach My Word Divine! To search it, Celestial ambassadors, them only 144 thousands! A drop is in Ocean of Life! But what Curative Gold Drop! Filling in Light Divine all of pure! So, be mobile, Light must not be placed! 
          You give life from propagating! All of Saints and Apostles live so since time immemorial».


                                      The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. Last Precept 







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