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Blessing to all visitors of our site, evidence of the Last Coming on Earth of God Almighty – of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos

The Last Advent of God on Earth  

 Great Universal Event is in history of humanity.
(1990–2030) – this is the greatest during the last mission of God on Earth! Is performed Great Universal Event! And all events on Earth and on Sky, enumerated in New Testament, testify to the Last Advent of God on Earth: 1. religious; 2. political and economic; 3. natural cataclysms; 4. celestial signs.

The Last Advent of God Himself on Earth, on Ukraine (to the Judea), to Kyiv (Jerusalem) is predicted in Bible and in all spiritual sources of the world. In Bible: by God in Revelation, by Son Divine Jesus Christ and by all biblical prophets. And also known prophets of era of Christianity such as E.I.Rerih, V.Soloviev, D.Andreev, E.Swedenborg, J.Boehme, M.Handel, E.Casey, A.Paracels, M.Nostradamus, V.Gushterova (Vanga) and many other.

On April 11, 1990, to Earth Came Down Almighty God (Father–Son–Mother), the Creator of All Things, the Savior of the World – Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos! So Lord Jesus Christ (Father–Son) Made His Second Coming in the Body and Soul of His Wife–the Mother of the Virgin Mary (the Holy Spirit) is in Donetsk (Bethlehem), on the Slavic land of promise. 

 How Was done the Last Advent of God on Earth? 

On Earth, as well as 2000 back, the first Virgin Mary Was born on March, 28, 1960 in Donetsk and Lived in our midst under the name "Marina Tcvigun". In 1990 She was 30 ago. Jesus Christ, Creating a critical situation, on April, 11, 1990 Took away the Soul of Virgin Mary on Skies on 3,5 hour.
         On Skies happened Great Explantation (Connection) of Two Great Beginning of God: Paternal (Masculine) – Jesus Christ and Maternal (Woman) – Virgin Mary.
 The Soul of Lord Jesus Christ (Father–Son) Entered in the Soul and Spiritual Body of Virgin Mary (Spirit of Saint). The Names of Father is Adonaj (Lord), Son is Jesus Christ and Mothers (Spirit of Saint) is Mary were accordingly united in the Eternal, Single and New Name of God: Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos (Lord Jesus–Mariya).

This very day, on April 11, 1990, already Triune God (Father–Son–Mother) in Spiritual Body Got off on Earth in Modern Physical Body of Divine Mother in Donetsk (Bethlehem) on Slavic Promised land.

The Image of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos in the Old, New and Last Testaments.

In the Old and New Testaments, the Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos is Presented as: God, Lord God, Lord of lords, King of kings, the Creator of all Things, One God: the Father, the Son and the Mother, Omnipotent, the Living God, God Most High, Savior, Redeemer, Comforter, the Supporter, the Protector, Tester, Legislator, Judge, Teacher, Mentor, Desired by all people, Searching and Judging, The Almighty, «The Woman Clothed with the Sun», the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End!

The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos in the Last Testament (Eternal Gospel) Presented his Comprehensive Image and Spiritual Essence as follows: «I Am the Mother of the World», «I Am God in Three Persons», «I Am Your Mother, Your Lamb is the Son of God, Eternal Father and Mother Similar!», «I Am the BEGINNING! I Am the END! ALPHA–OMEGA! MOTHER–FATHER!», «I Am Your Saviour, Your Comforter, and the Crown of the Messiah», «I Am Your Judge and Universal Faith!», «I Am The Truth, The Living God, The Lamb, Your Redeemer», «I Am God Almighty, The Creator Of All Things», «I Am the Ruler of Shambhala, Radiant», «The Miracle of the Universe», «The Light of Truth, the Spirit of Love Itself, The Absolute, Harmony, the First and the Last, the Eternal Word, Mercy, Kindness, Beauty, Justice, Rigor, the Law, the Kingdom of Love, the Gold Light and Sound of Matter», «he Mistress of all elements, and the Mistress of souls, Mistress of Worlds, Spaces, and the Mother of Eternity».

Way of God Living on Earth.

God Living – Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Repeats on Earth Way of the Son Jesus Christ. It is Way of Expiation from the sins of the select people, adopted by the new name: Great White Fraternity. 

 Lord Jesus Christ in Judea was driven, pelted stones and accused of that He cures people devilish force of prince of darkness Veelzevul. And on the court of sanhedrim accused Jesus Christ of blasphemy, spit in Him and beat unmercifully Him. Then Jesus Christ was tortured and crucified on Cross in the middle of two robbers, because He was added to villains. Lord Jesus Christ Atoned the select people of Israel from sins.

The apostles of Jesus Christ were similarly driven, judged and killed all and crucified.

Therefore, Judah ceased to exist as a state, and in Jerusalem the temple of Solomon was destroyed. The chosen people were moved to the northern land of Ukraine and Russia, and the rest of the Jews were scattered around the world, and the land was given to the Arabs by God. And the Arab state of Palestine was formed, what means: The Truth fell.
        With God Living – with Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos on Ukraine (Judea) ringleaders of the state–religious system «Beast» at the head with President of L.Kravchuk (Ponty Pilate) and Patriarch of UPC KP, agent of KGB Filaret (Caiaphas) acted yet worse, than thereat with Son Divine Jesus Christ: named by a sectarian, an impostor and satan, added on criminals, pursued through by IA, SBU and interpol, expelled from Ukraine, arrested, subjected to psychiatric examination, falsely judged and tortured in prisons with processing of psychotronic devices and in a colony with venereal patients and murderers, slandered in MASS–MEDIA. And soon system «Beast» will kill God Living together with Son Divine Yuoann Svami (J.Theologian)!

Similarly acted and with Son Divine, Prophet Yuoann Svami and Ruler, Pastor Peter. And Apostles of God Great White Fraternity was driven, arrested, beat unmercifully, tormented in mental homes and special receivers.

The numerous sects of bookmen and pharisees of Ukraine, especially Orthodox sects (UOC P, UOC P, UAOC), named Universal Church «Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS) by a «frightful sect», and God Living – by a «impostor» and «satan». Itself sects name «churches».

Therefore, Ukraine is punished by all sorts of misfortunes and will soon cease to exist as a state, since it rejected its God–Savior, the Prophet and all Saints.

This monstrous and shameful act on God the Living, the Prophet and Saints was observed in many countries of the world, but no one said a word in Their defense, apart from a note of protest from the OUN Commissariat in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and statements from the human rights organization Helsinki–90. Therefore, the seven bowls of the Wrath of God will fall upon all sinful humanity in the form of various natural disasters and social ills.
        And Western Europe and USA yet for an aggressive policy to other countries, 
for support of civil war on Ukraine and for support of genocide of the Russian population on Donbas soon will go away under water. 

Program of Mission Mother of the World on Earth.

Mother of the World – Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos accomplished their Mission in accordance with God's recovery Divinely–Space Program Fohatization and Rescues of the Earth "YUSMALOS", the basis of which is fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Creates All New! 

Purpose of Program «YUSMALOS» – to Conclude the Last Precept with select people and heave up its consciousness on the seventh level of Christ, and consciousness 1/3 humanity – on the sixth level of prophets. And spiritually connect 144000 of the chosen people and 1/3 of humanity with the Living God for to enter the World of Fire (the fourth dimension).
        Mankind has not and will not be 
Other Savior and another program of salvation, that I can escape in recent years the death of modern civilization.
        The Mother of the World – Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos in the Last Testament Outlined the Newest Doctrine of the Era of the Mother of the World and of the age of Aquarius – the synthesis of Religion, Philosophy and Science, including "Science about Light and Its Transformation". Then Descended to the human level of Victoriya Victorovna Preobrazhenskaya and Revived the Ancient Sacral Knowledge in modern form and Created a Powerful Transcendent Culture "Space Poliart the Third Millennium" – a synthesis of several arts: Poetry, Music and Song, Painting and Graphic, Dance, Theatre of Mysteries, Scientifically–Teosofic Labours.

The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos from the first and to this day Its Mission Gives to the Great White Brotherhood numerous and the strongest Test of Faith, Love, Spirit, Consciousness and Will, Patiences and Humilities, Devotion and Loyalty to God Living, Prophet, Church and Last Precept, in particular, on the knowledge of the Word of God in the Old, New and Last Testaments.

Years of Tests of select people of Great White Brotherhood are this biblical Time of Great Sorrow. And by this Time follows Time of Great Plenty for select people – Universal Church «Great White Brotherhood» (YUSMALOS), that will not be overcame by the gates of Hell.

2. The First Coming of The New Son of Man.

On April, 11, 1990, under a sign Zodiac «Aries» in the year of White Horse, in Donetsk (Bethlehem) God of Gods  Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Spiritually Bore Seven Christ's: Sons and Daughters Divine – John–Peter the Second: at the head with First Christ, Prophet Yuoann Svami (John Theologian) which it is required to pasture all of people a rod ferrous. It is High Priests of Yuoann Svami (Ap. John Zevedeyev), Peter (p. Peter), Kesullof (Ap. Jacob Zevedeyev), Vasiliy (Ap. Matthew), Visanta (Ap. Jacob Alfeyev), Larisa (Ap. Levvey), Mariya (Ap. Judas Iscariot)Initially, it was the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Salaphiel, Uriel, Jeremiel, Lucifer. The seven Archangels is Seven Sefirot, Seven Arhat in Shambhala, Seven Bodhisattvas, Seven Kumar.

Father of Eternity John–Peter the Second is the Christ of God, the Lamb as though slain, the Heir of a New Heaven and a New Earth, the Reflection of God, the Lord of the Universal Church "Great White Brotherhood" (YUSMALOS).

The First New Coming of the Son of Man (Seven Christ’s) foretold in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible: A Child is born to us; a Son is given us; upon His shoulder dominion, and his Name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of peace, who is worthy to receive Power, and Riches, and Wisdom, and Strength, and Honour, and Glory, and Blessing.

In the Day of judgment of God the Son of Man (Seven Christ’s) will be like lightning, sparkled from one end of the Sky, shines to the other end of the Sky. But first He must suffer much and be atversana generation. Each of the Seven Christ’s fulfilled his Mission on Earth in accordance with the Messages to the Angels of the Seven churches of Revelation. These are the Angels of these churches: Yuoann Swami – Ephesus, Peter – Laodicea, Kesullof – Philadelphia, Vasiliy – Sardessai, Visanta – Smyrna, Larisa – Pergamon, Mariya – Thyatira.

Seven Christ's is the root of Jesse, who will be as a banner for the peoples, rise up to rule the peoples; in Him will hope the Gentiles, and his rest shall be Glorious.

3. Value of the Names of God, Son of the Human and select people. 

Name of Triune God «Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos» (Lord Jesus–Mariya) means: Lord is the Name of God–Father Adonay, Jesus Christ is the Name of God–Son, Mariya is the Name of God–Spirit of Saint. Or «Mariya DEVI Khristos» means: Mariya Saint Messiah, Mariya Sovereign Aegis Almighty Jesus Khristos.

In obedience to «Alphabet of Transforming» (1993) Mother of the World the Name «Mariya DEVI Khristos» means: «Mariya» (name Anciently–Greek, Jewish origin) – so: «Bearing God»; «DEVI» (sanskrit,  ancient Vedic) – so: «Higher Creature», «Goddess»; «Khristos» (ancient Greek) – so: «Messiah».
Name Son of the Human «Yuoann Svami» according to the Articles and Letters of Mother of the World means: John Baptist, again with you! «Svami» means — «Inspector of feelings», «Spiritual Teacher», «Exempt Personality».

Name of Seven Christ's «John–Peter the Second» means: «JohnPeter» is Unity of Consciousness and Spirit of Seven Christ's from John to Peter, «Second» is Second Christ. 

Name «Great White Brotherhood» means: «Great» are the Great select people of God, «White» – Saint, Clean, «Brotherhood» is Brotherhood in Christ. According to biblical prophecies this new name of select people of Israel reincarnate in slavs. It is 144000 saint and great personalities of all times and peoples. It is arias – the gold Souls are Divine. This eternal priests and Eternal Church Divine.
          Sacral Name of God the Most High «Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos» it is intended for Devoted, and the Society Name «Victoriya Victorovna Preobrazhenskaya» – for people (laymen), as Mother of the World Said.

4. Value of the Names Program «YUSMALOS» and New Faith Teaching.

In 1993 in the Newest Studies of the Last Precept God Living from Names «Yuoann Svami» and «Mariya DEVI Khristos» Opened the Name of Triune God «YUSMALOS», where YUS – Yuoann Svami (Son) and MALOS – Mother–Logos, essence: Mariya DEVI Khristos, where «MA» is Mother (Mary), «LOS» is LOGOS, Father (Jesus). And on behalf of Triune God «YUSMALOS» (Father–Son–Mother) there is the name of Single Universal Faith Teaching of New Era of Mother of the World: YUSMALIANSTVO.

In 1999 and later, in connection with the disclosure of the Name of Father of Eternity John–Peter the Second (Seven Higher Logos of the Brotherhood) God of the Gods – Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Gave yet interpretations of Name "YUSMALOS" from the names of the planets–sefirots and constellation of Big Dipper, that symbolizes the unity of the Mother of the World and Father of Eternity. Big Dipper is a symbol of the Mother of the World. 

Literally "YUSMALOS": YU is Jupiter, S – Saturn, MA – Mercury, Mars and LOS the ancient name of the constellation "Big Dipper", where the seven stars of Ursa Major represent of souls the Seven of Christ's

In the most Ancient Studies of «Space Poliart of the Third Millennium» (2005–2020) Victoriya PreobRAgenskaya opened to the earthmen basic Secret of the Name KHRISTOS. Universal Secret of the Universe is concealed in this sacred Word. This Name is Siriusian Triads: Son Gor, Mother Isida, Father Osiris, or Eternal Duad Mother R of Isida and Father of Skies – of Osiris!

And Deciphered the Name «Mariya DEVI KHRISTOS» so:

MARIYA is Mother of riya, Army.

DEVI is Sovereign Aegis Almighty Isida. Or DEVI is Goddess, Saint.

KHRISTOS. It space abbreviation, that means holy family. Organizers of our fifth race – it Izida, Osiris and Gore. 

KHR – Xx is Woman Chromosome of R, Chromosome of Rus–Surya. From where goes transcendence Slavic culture, most ancient Aryan. Siriusian.

KHR is a Sun, Light, Khristos, Choir–Gore.

IS – Isida, Truth.

– the key of Isida, key of Eternal Life NKH, is the key of connection Masculine and Woman – Two Universal Beginning of Mother and Father (Son, Spouse). 

OS – Osiris, Light.
Victoriya PreobRAgenskaya also Gave interpretations to the Name «YUSMALOS» such: YU is Jupiter, S – Saturn, MA – Mars, L – Moon, O – Orion, S – Sirius.

 And again: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Moon (where the Moon – patron of the Program USMALOS, or Essence: the Feminine) and OS – Lord, Osiris, Sirius–Sotis.
         The three star belt of the constellation Orion Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka reflect Female Kernel Seven of Christs. The seven stars of the constellation Orion reflects of souls the Seven of Christ's

Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, rs is planets of Four Sons Divine: Kesullof, Vasiliy, Yuoann Svami, Peter.

Kernel of Seven Christ's is Three Daughters DivineMariya, Visanta, Larisa. Their planets: Venus, Uranus, Neptune.

Complete description Seven Christ's presented in Division 5, folder 3, a file 2 Russian version.
          It is necessary to notice that on April, 11, 1990 Explantation of Jesus Christ and Virgin Maria happened on Sky, but not Osiris and Isida, that are intermediate embodiments of Son of Divine and Mother of God. And consciousnesses of Christ 2000 back attained They, but not Osiris and Isida. Therefore Mother of the World from the sum of Three Names: of Father – Adonay (Lord), of Son – Jesus Christ and of Mother (Spirit of Saint) – Virgin Mary Opened the Name New, Single and Eternal: Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos.

   And in the new decoding of the Name there are two Names of Woman Beginning of different time: Mariya and Isida, and Three Names of Masculine Beginning: Gore, Osiris and Christ, that in any way can not be together.           
          Lord Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary, Seven Arhats and Saints and their former embodiments Came on Earth from Shambala that is in the Fiery (Thin) world. But not from Siriusian civilization 
which is not in this star system, which is in the Material world. And on a star Canicula and on constellations Orion, Big Dipper and Pleiades there is no life. And the star Sirius Mother of the World calls a planet.
          Thus Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Gives Tests.

          5. Description of main page of site.

On the picture of the main page of this site is placed Picture Mother of  the World – of God Mariya DEVI Khristos. White Its Image is contained by esoteric unity of all earthly dogmas! A white soutane is a clothing of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary, and all Saints of God; turban, tulasi and diadem is a symbols of East (Buddhism, Hinduism, Krishnaism); a cross with Crucifix is Christianity; a rosary is a monasticism and asceticism; a scepter is a symbol of the Ancient Egyptian Initiates, symbol of Higher Spiritual Power; diapersthe is a Catholicism.

And also placed photos of the planet Earth, of a Sun and Moon,  because Earth is a likeness of God, which contains two of God's Beginning (JesusMary), and the Sun and Moon – a kind of Paternal (Jesus) and Maternal (Mary) Beginning of God, respectively. Mission to Planet Earth are approaching two stars: the Mother of the World (Bethlehem) and the Father of Eternity, which will become the new beacons instead of the Sun and the Moon. 

 The seven major planets of the terrestrial system: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – the planet is the Seven Christ's (Father of Eternity – Lord John–Peter the Second). The large parade of planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter) from 21.12.18 to 26.12.18 portends the Second Birth Seven Christly and Their connection with Mother of the World and near end of our civilization. 

Constellations Ursa Major, Orion and the Pleiades is also a reflection of the Seven Great's Spirits. Three stars of Orion's belt represent the Women core of the Seven Christ's and point to the star Sirius

On the picture of the main page of site you see the winged planet of Nibiru, which has a raspberry color, and it will look in size as a second Sun. It is sent by God Mariya DEVI Khristos for clearing of planet Earth. The planet of Nibiru carries in itself the huge gravitation field and grandiose supply of Fiery energy the physical transmitter of which is a gamma–radiation. Mother of the World Wrote musical composition of «Nibiru» for Album «Sunny Race». 

And also on the picture of the main page you see a comet, symbolizing arriving to Earth in Apocalypse 16 comets: Shumeyker–Levi in 1994, comet of HiyaKutaki in 1996, comet of Kheyla–Boppa in 1997, comet of Holms and comet of Maknote in 2007, comet of Lulin in 2009, 2th comet of Maknote in 2010, comet of Elenin in 2011, 9th comet of C/2012 S1 (ISON) in 2013. In January, 2015 is a comet of Lavdgoj and August, 13, 2015 comet of Churumova–Gerasimenko. On January, 17, 2016 is doubletailed comet of Catalin C/2013 US10. April 1, 2017 – an unusual comet 41P/Tuttle-Jacobini-Cresac. December 16, 2018 - comet 46P/Virtanen. 2019 - Comet ATLAS. Comet SWAN (C/2020 F8) was discovered on April 11, 2020.
       About the 2th comet of Maknote Mother of the World Wrote Verse «White Announcer (Fourth Rider of Apocalypse)». A comet announces beginning of clearing of planet Earth. And the first three cometriders  it Shumeyker–Levi, Kheyla–Boppa, 1th Maknote. Before by the Mother of the World Was Written Verse «To Comet of Kheyla–Boppa». Mother of the World Wrote musical composition «Comet Ison» for Album «Point of bifurcation». And was Prophet Yuoann Svami Written by Verse about the comet of Shumeyker–Levi «Who Jupiter?». 

On site, through players on the main page, you can hear «Message of Light» Mother of the World of Mariya DEVI Khristos from April, 14, 2011 and select «Divine Poetry» in execution Mother of the World. In addition, you can hear select Musical Compositions from Author Albums "Golden Age – Zep Tepi", "Metagalaxy", "Planet Egypt", "Star Mystery", "Edem", «Breathing of Orion», «Kingdom of Sofia» from Space Poliart of the Third Millennium of The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos (see site Simultaneously you can listen «Message of Light» and read the text of Message, opening it through a main menu. You can listen Space Music of Mother of the World and simultaneously to look over materials of site through a main menu.
In Introduction to the site common description of maintenance of site is given.
         On the page of site "Chronology of Apocalypse  the Last Advent of God on Earth" the basic dates of Apocalypse and terms of his lasts of peattime are presented.


6. All testifying to the Last Advent of God.

On this site vbb– presented all evidence about the Last Coming of God the Most High  Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos on Earth, about the Birth of the Seven Christ'at the head with Prophet of Yuoann Svami, generalized Name Which «JohnPeter The Second», and about of Incarnation in the Apocalypse on the Slavic lands 12 and 72 of the Apostles, 144000 of theSaints – the chosen people of the Great White Brotherhood.
         In eleven folders of site present:
         1. Certificate of Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos.
         2. Certificates of Son Divine, of Prophet Yuoann Svami.
         3. Certificates of remain of the Great White Brotherhood.
         4. Sermons of remain of the Great White Brotherhood. 
         5. Certificates of Last Precept.
         6. Yusmalianstvo is a New Religion of Golden age.
         7. Historical certtificates to the Last Mission of God.
         8. Evidence of Bible 
about the Last Advent of God.
9. Evidence of Bible about Day of Court Great and Frightful.
         10. Fotoalbom of Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos.
         11. Fotoalbom of Father of the Worlds John–Peter the Second.

 When you open each folder you will read the Word (quote) the Mother of the World from the Last Testament, relevant to the theme and contents of folders.

On this site you can read selected Addresses, Messages, Articles, from the Last Testament of God himself again Incarnate God of His Essence, and on His Mission. And also will see Certificates of Son Divine, Prophet of Yuoann Svami in the His Articles. And also will find the certificates of remain of Great White Fraternity in Sermons, Addresses to Ukraine and to humanity. 

On this site you will learn about the Last Testament of the Living God as the basis of New Age Doctrine of the Faith of the Mother of the World – YUSMALIANSTVO. Learn the history of Parish of God on Earth and the history of the chosen people.

And also will read all biblical testifying to Advent of God in Mother, about Birth New Seven Christly and Rescue 144000 select people of Great White Fraternity from earth a north  Slavic.

On the basis of information of site you will understand execution of prophecies Bibles that are basis of Program Rescues Earth of «YUSMALOS». And will find the «key» to understanding of Bible: Law of reincarnation of the souls on the basis of biblical examples.

On the website you can see the foundations of three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Yusmalianstvo. As the Mother of the World Joined together Three of the Covenant: Old, New and Last.

7. Universal Church «Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS) and Association of private people.
         Materials of site will help you to distinguish Universal Church «Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS) from Community of the Transformed Humanity, and later  from Public organization of admirers and enthusiasts of Space Poliart, and now  from the group of support of Space Poliart or Associations of private people (see sites and
         So, is a site of Victoriya Victorovna PreobRAgenskaya, granddoctor of Philosophy, complete professor of Oxford, academician NPAS, Creator «Space Poliart of the Third Millennium»; and are sites Associations of private people and businessmen; is a site of Universal Church of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos «Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS).

             8. Rescue only through believe in God Living and in Universal Church. 

  Our website – unique in the world where you will find the GodSavior and salvation through repentance in Divine Church from imminent great calamities and global cataclysms in 2018–2030 years:

 from Energy of the fourth measurement going to the Earth (Kingdoms Divine), that is from outpouring by God of Spirit Sacred to the Earth;

– from a large heat by the summer of both fires and hunger from the shortage of products or their costliness;
         – from the epidemics of incurable illnesses;

– from electromagnetic radiations a regeneration of star of Betel'geyze in a superstar in constellation Orion and all of stars of this constellation;  

– from solar activity, from powerful storms and explosions on the Sun;

– from earthquakes and floods which will be caused gravitational field of the planet of Nibiru;
from defeat by Fiery energy of a planet of Nibiru which physical carrier is gamma radiation;
          – from change of poles of Earth, change and shock of its mainland part: complete care under water of America, England, Western Europe, Australia;
 from technical and ecological catastrophes;  

– from chipization, biometrinization and codification (seals of death "666") of population of Earth and transformation of him in biorobots by Antichrist;

– from Seven bowls of Anger Lord and from Court of God .
           And also
You find the keys to Immortality and Peace of Fire (the fourth dimension or the Kingdom of Heaven).

           9. Sequence of study of materials of site.

All folders of site are bound by a logical idea. Therefore we recommend to look over them and study consistently from the first to the last. And also at first to become familiar with maintenance of site being at the end of menu. 

On all your questions there are answers on our site. If you did not find answers at once, then re–read once again attentively materials of site.

         On the site, we do not prove anything to anyone and no one discussing, and carry Good New and witness all, that God Almighty and the chosen people (the Host of Heaven, White Shambhala, All Saints), headed by Seven Christ's (the Archangels, Arhats) came to Earth to save mankind! Evidence of the coming of The Last of the Living God – more, than enough, and the New Testament lacks evidence of at least two people. But your case: to take or not.
         Forming of site is mainly complete. But a site periodically is in editorial support: pictures and musical compositions are added in twobits; specified, corrected and added texts. In maintenance of site marked asterisks: the corrected (*) or complemented (**) or the added new files (***).           
          At the use of materials of site a pointer to the site is obligatory.
          The site contains versions: in Russian, the Ukrainian and English languages.
        For the color background of menu and alphanumeric field of site are taken the fragments of pictures of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos «Celestial Oakery» and «In Measurings of Light».
          The translation of the English version of site is made by a translator from the Internet. Therefore in texts there can be stylistic errors. We ask us to excuse.
           A site is adjusted for viewing in all of browsers last versions.
           We recommend browsers
Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex.

Creators of site:
Remain of Universal Church 
«Great White Fraternity» (YUSMALOS),
High Priests Kesullof and Visanta
(initially Arhats of Shambala, 
Archangels Raphael and Uriel,
Apostles Jacob Zevedeyev and Jacob Alfeyev,
Angels of  Philadelphia and Smyrna churches,
again incarnate 
Mishel Nostradamus and Vangeliya Gushterova (Vanga))


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