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some slanderous,
biased and false reasons of press
  about God the Most High Mariya DEVI Khristos, 
 John–Peter the Second and Great White Brotherhood
           1. «The end of «Great White Brotherhood»? («Vedomosti», authors of V.Shirochenko, G.Kirindyasov, 18.11.1993).
           2. «Yesterday a trial began of «White Brotherhood»» («List of DAILY», 2.03.1995).
           3. «Four roses for «Living Goddess» («Allukrainian lists», author L.Zaglada, 2.03.1995).
           4. «Gods on a prisoner's box» («Kievan Lists», author Kira Ivashova, ¹9, March, 1995).
           5. «A judge knows Bible better, than prophet» («Lists», author E.Korotkov, 19.04.1995).
           6. «Lessons of «White Brotherhood»» («Allukrainian lists», author L.Zaglada, 30.11.1995).
            7. «Mariya DEVI Khristos, it Cvigun, is sent on the stage» («News» (Ukraine), author Ya.Sokolovskaya, 1996).
           8. «Yuriy Krivonogov: «Doomsday will find me in a colony» («Allukrainian lists», author M.Vasil', 12.06.1997).
           9. «Mariya DEVI Khristos: I now carry on itself the karma of Cain» (A «Komsomol true is in Ukraine», author V.Korobkov, 12.07.1997).
          10. The «Reverse road is not present» («Lists of DAILY», author Maria Vasil', 18.07.1997).
          11. «After an end light» («Capital news», author Clara Gudzik, 10–17.03.1998).
        12. «Exactly seven years back doomsday must was take a place in Kiev» («Facts and comments», author Maria Vasil', 10.11.2000).
          13. «The White Brotherhood "comes back". (Sergey Kovtunenko, Capital news, on October, 22–28 october, 2002).
          14. Adherents are required ««White Brotherhood»» (A «komsomol true is in Ukraine», author A.Khrustalev, 28.03.2003).
          15. It is now let ««White Brotherhood» even alcoholic» («Today», author A.Korchinskiy, 10.11.2006).
           16. «Is Timoshenko alike on Mariya DEVI Khristos?» (A «Komsomol true is in Ukraine», author O.Musafirova, 5.06.2007).
          17. «A White Brotherhood: from a doomsday to family happiness» (Roman Lunkin. A source: "redo. Ru" 8.04.2008).
          18. «That became with «White Fraternity» («Today», authors of A.Korchinskiy, A.Il'chenko, E.Ikhel'zon, 10.11.2008).
        19. «Fifteen years that "White Brotherhood" of prepared for a doomsday» ("Ukrainian week", Inna Zavgorodnya, 10.11.2008).
          20. «In the special receivers to «White Brothers», to declaring dry starvation, inserted in a mouth a dilator, look like flat–nose pliers, and inundated any liquid» («Facts and comments», author Maria Vasil', 12.11.2008).
          21. «A White Brotherhood – fifteen years later» (Anastas Daugule. The special correspondent television channel "Inter", on November, 12th, 2008).
       22. «Mariya DEVI Khristos became Viktorieyu Preobrazhenskoyu». Author: doctor of philosophical sciences, professor A.Kolodnyy.
           23. «Viktoriya Preobrazhenskaya, in girlhood is KHRISTOS. Marina Cvigun is Mariya Devi Khristos – moved to Moscow and became advanced the artist–egyptologist Viktoriey Preobrazhenskoy» («Newspaper of on–kievski», authors of Jan Kazmirenko, Vyacheslav Veremiy, 27.01.2010).
            24. «MARIYA DEVI KHRISTOS REVIVED. The founder of doubtful «White Brotherhood» attracts new adherents of cult itself» (Newspaper «MK in Ukraine (Moscow member of the komsomol)», author Maria Egorova, from 27.04.2011). 
            25. «White Fraternity went to Kiev» (Newspaper «News», author Marina Petik, from 14.05.13).
           26. "Matriarch" of the Great White Brotherhood YUSMALOS "Mariya DEVI Khristos, she's the founder of a new art direction" Cosmic Poliart Third Millennium "Victoria PREOBRAZHENSKAYA" (Newspaper "Boulevard of Gordon», 33 (433) from 13.08.2013, the author Vladimir Vyglazov and Vyacheslav Tcherkashin).
         27. «Confession of son Mariya Devi Khristos: «From a mother me hardly not killed»» (Newspaper «News», author Bogdana Evseeva, from 18.11.13).
       28. «Mariya DEVI Khristos appeared. in DNR with the «embassy of Allah» from 18.11.2015 (Oleg Leusenko, 3357009.html).
           29. “The adherents of the White Brotherhood have returned to Kiev”. (“Vesti” newspaper, author Evgeny Ivanov, dated May 17, 2018).
      30. "Shadow of the" White Brotherhood". Mariya DEVI Khristos is recruiting new adepts." (http: //antisecta.rf/publikacii_v_smi/. Author Andrey Sidorchik, 2018).
            31. "MOTHER", video with A. Kolodny. Chief Editor Alexander Palnikov, director Irina Van Cha Lin, screenwriter Mikhail Bobrovnik, director's group Marina Grichan, Svetlana Ledovskaya, editors Yulia Zavyalova, Natalia Shtonda, Nadezhda Borovik, Tatiana Matveeva, director of photography Pyotr Panichkin, editing by Vladimir Polyansky Zvonarev, Pavel Mikhailov, Vladimir Stryulkov, Edurd Smirnov, music editor Elena Sharipova, producer Nikita Chisnikov, "special thanks" to Vyacheslav Zhukov for his help in creating a slanderous and false video, program director Yuri Shalimov. NTV, 2006, E – mail:
             32. “Ukrainian sensations. Unholy Trinity ". Video film. Author UNIAN news agency. General Director, Chief Editor MIKHAIL GANNITSKY, Deputy Chief Editor TATYANA URBANSKAYA. Kiev, 2021.
              33. "The prophet of the "White Brotherhood" settled in the Chernihiv region." Alexey Prishchepa, "Gart" No. 12 (3024) dated March 18, 2021.
        34. “Sectarians WAITING FOR THE APOCALYPSE, but the cops came. Maria Devi Christos and the White Brotherhood.” Video by Mikhail Lidin. 2022.
              35. WHITE BROTHERHOOD. Fraudsters behind the mask of the righteous or a KGB project? Marusya Chernichkina, 2021.
             These media authors did not acknowledge Advent of God Living, printed the slanderous, false and biased articles, showed false videos and films to Messiah – Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos, Its Prophet Yuoann Svami and Pastor of Church Peter, and also about Great White Brotherhood. 
             For 1993–2022 numerous slanderous, biased and false transmissions were shown about God the Most High Mariya DEVI Khristos, John–Peter the Second and Great White Brotherhood on the channels of television of NTN, INTER, ICTV and other.
           Mass Medias misinformed by the people of Ukraine and whole world about Advent of Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos, It Seven Christs and all of Saints of Great White Brotherhood on Earth.
           We call all of authors of reasons and transmissions to public confession on the pages of the newspapers and on the TV channels before God Living Mariya DEVI Khristos!

Made igh Priest of Kesullof


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