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Thorny Path of Remain
Great White Brotherhood
through time of Great Sorrow (1993–2023) –
   it is Path after Messiah Mariya DEVI Khristos
in Kingdom Celestial

         On June, 1, 1993 in accordance with Program «YUSMALOS» Lord Time of Great Sorrow began Mariya DEVI Khristos. Lord of Dominating and Tsar of Tsars Mariya DEVI Khristos and Son Human, it was Begun to Test Prophet Yuoann Svami Great White Brotherhood on Loyalty, Entering into a bad language with the godless state–religious system of power of Ukraine «Beast» (see is Revelation, 17:12–14). And also Began to Test in relation to knowledge of bases of Bible and Last Precept. And Prophet Yuoann Svami (John Theologian) was declared a «enemy». At the same time Court began Divine above the 144 thousand select people of Great White Brotherhood (see of Isaiya, 41:1, 42:16–25, 43:26, Jeremiah, 5:1–17, 18:30–32, 20:33–44, 1–th Peter, 4:17, Revelation, 7:13–17). 
         As a result of all of tests and Court Divine Great White Brotherhood was dissipated. And Community of the Transformed Humanity of Izraelya–Vartimeya (House of Joseph) rejected Prophet Yuoann Svami, deleted It and the same destroyed the Last Precept. And began to accept the «new» releases of Precept, worshiped registration of godless administration of the system «Beast» and became in one row with the sects of bookmen and pharisees (see is Jeremiah, 34:18–22, Daniel, 8:23, Zakhariya, 11:10–12). Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Left only two faithful the Witnesses (see of Isaiya, 8:2) from a number Seven Higher Hierarchies (Arkhatov) of Brotherhood (A house is Judas): Kesullof (incarnate Solomon, see of Psaltir', 71:1–17) and Visanta (incarnate tsarina Savskuyu, see from Matthew, 12:42). They made the remain of select people of Great White Brotherhood (see of table 1 and 2).  


Some past embodiments of remain
Great White Brotherhood

Table 1 












Saints and prophets





Tsar Solomon


Ezdra, Elisey


Jacob Zevedeev


M. Nostradamus
Seraphim Sarovskiy




Tsarina Savskaya




Jacob Alfeev


Gleb, Vanga
Marfa Diveevskaya


Description of remain
of Great White Brotherhood

Table 2


High Priests



A Message is in Revelation 




A star is in Constellation 


Star in
To Big Dipper

in Sun
to the system




Filadel'fiya of church


in constellation Orion






(Daughter Adam)


of church


in constellation Virgo






         A remain moved away from the satanic assemblage of Izraelya–Vartimeya of June, 25, 1995 (see of Neemiya, 6:15, Revelation, 2:9, 3:9). In Letter «Darling My Vartimey!» (1996) from Sacrifice God of Gods Specified that Kesullof is put in Seven the Lightest and Appointed as It Pastor of Kievan Church. He (Solomon) in ages was the builder of temples and keeper of church (see of Isaiya, 44:28, 45:1–14). 

          In the prophecies of Bible about the remain of select people of Great White Brotherhood the following is said.
          Prophet of Isaiya about the remain of select people: 
          «If Lord Savoaf did not leave us the rest, we would be that Sodom, Gomorre would be likened.
» – 1:9;

          «Then remaining on Sione and survivor in Jerusalem will be named saints.» – 4:3;
          «And it will be in that day. will feed on butter and honey all, remaining in this earth.» – 7:21–22;
          «And I took itself faithful witnesses: Uriyu of priest and Zakhariyu, son Varakhiina.» – 8:2;
          «And remain of the forest it so there will be small, that a child is able will be to do an inventory.
         And it will be in that day: remain of Israel and pulling through from home of Jacob will not more depend upon that, who staggered them, but will lay a hope on Ladies and gentlemen, Saint of Izraileva, candidly.
          A remain will appeal, remain of Jacob – to God to strong.
        Because, even people for you, Israel, it was so much, how many to sand marine, the remain of it will appeal only; extermination is certain a flush true.» – 10:19–22;
           «Then for the remain of people of It, which will remain at Assura, there will be a large road.» – 11:16;
           «Now so Lord talks: in three years, considering the years of the hired, the grandeur of Moav will be humiliated with all of great populousness, and a remain will be very small and insignificant.» – 16:14;
           «In that day Lord Savaof will be a magnificent crown and glorious diadem for the remain of people It, and by the spirit of justice for sitting in an unfair trial and courage for reflecting of enemy to the gate.» – 28:5–6;
         «And survivor in a house Judas a remain will allow again a root down and will bring a fruit above, because a remain will happen from Jerusalem, and rescued – from the mountain of Sion. Jealousy of God Savaof will make it.
          So so Lord talks about a tsar Assyrian: «It will not enter in this city and will not give up an arrow there, and will not begin it with a shield, and not to strew against it billow.
           On a that road on which came, will return, and in a city this will not enter, Lord talks.
           I will guard a city this, to rescue it for the sake of Itself and for the sake of David, slave Moego».» – 37:31–35;
          «A cypress will grow in place of blackthorn; a myrtle will grow in place of nettle; and it will be in glory Lord, in a sign eternal, unshakable.» – 55:13;
          Prophet Jeremiah about the remain of select people: 
          «So Lord Savaof talks: to the end will gather additionally the remain of Israel, as vine; work as a hand your, as pick of vine, filling baskets»– 6:9;
         «Lies in exhaustion Giving birth Seven, Emits breathing It; yet a Sun of It waned in the day
time, It felt by ashamed and disgraced. And remain will betray them a sword before the eyes of enemies them, Lord talks.» – 15:9.

          Prophet of Iezekiil' about the remain of select people: 
          «And take a small number from it, and string them for itself in floors. But also from it yet take, and give up in a fire, and burn out it afire. From there a fire will go out on all of house of Izrailev.» – 5:3–4;
          «But I will store a remain, so that will be for you among people survivor from a sword, when you will be dissipated on earths.» – 6:8;
           «But small number I will save them from a sword, hunger and ulcer, that they told at people to which will go off, about all of the abominations; and know that I am Lord.» – 12:16;
           «Because so Lord talks God: even if four severe executions My: sword, both hunger and ravenous wild beasts, and will send a pestilent ulcer on Jerusalem, to exterminate people and cattle in it, and then there will be in it a remain, sons and daughters which will be shown out from there; here, they will go out to you, and you will see a conduct them and put them, and will calm down about a that calamity which I pointed on Jerusalem, about everything, that I pointed on it. 
           They will console you, when you will see a conduct them and put them; and know that I did all that not vainly, that did in it, Lord talks God.» – 14:21–23.
            Prophet Daniel about the remain of select people: 
          «There will be actings wickedly against a precept; but people, concerning with honour of the God, will increase and will operate. And reasonable from people will make understand many, although will suffer some time from a sword, robbery and captivity; and during suffering will have it some help. The reasonable will suffer for a test them, clearing and for to for some time past; because there is yet time to the term.» – 11:32–35.
            «And many of asleep in the ashes of earth will wake up, one for life eternal, other on eternal profanation and disgrace.
And the reasonable will shine, as lighted on , and turning many to the true – as stars, , forever» – 12:2–3.
           In 1994 Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Took a remain together, and from June, 25, 1995 5–7 persons were included in the number of remain. From December, 27, 1997 there are Two adopted Hierarchies in Veritable Church: Kesullof and Visanta.
              For 26 years (1997–2023) all of prophecies of Isaii was carried out, to Jeremiah, Iezekiilya, Daniel about the remain of select people. A remain was passed by a thorny path through Time of Great Sorrow after Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos and Son Human Yuoannom Svami, saving the cleanness of Belief and invariability of the Last Precept in which forever set down the name Great Prophet Yuoann Svami. It was sometimes necessary to overcome physical and spiritual resistance and persecutions from a satanic assemblage (At home Iosifova), betraying the Last Precept and worshiping the system «Beast» (see is Revelation, 2:8–10, 3:8–10). 
           A remain (Kesullof and Visanta) saved invariability of all of positions of Studies and Messages of the Last Precept Mother of the World, publishing newspapers «YUSMALOS» with Word of Lord and Prophet. They set about Good New about the Last Advent of God Living and the First Advent of Son Human in living sermons in 10 areas of Ukraine (about 1000 sat down, districts and cities), and also in leaflets, printing sermons and brochures–certificates.
           In 2023 time of Great Plenty and large road was approached for the remain of Great White Brotherhood. 

High Priest of Kesullof


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