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Who and for whom did take the Kievan Sofia cathedral?
           The Kievan Sofia cathedral was built in XI age Prince of Kievan Russia Yaroslav Wise in honour of Sofia–Oranty – to Wisdom of Divine, God–Mother of Virgin Mary. A building place was indicated God–Mother. Above included it is written in Temple: «Divine Force and Divine Wisdom is Sofia».  
           A cathedral became the heart of Kievan Russia and all of Earth. Because in obedience to the prophecies of Bible after Crucifix and Ascension Lord Jesus Christ the spiritual center of planet and Promised land is carried God ashore Dnepr, as prophets of Isaiya, Jeremiah, testify in Bible, Iezekiil', Zakhariya about the country of north. History of Ukraine and Russia (To ancient Russia) repeats history Ancient Israelites and Israel, however at new spiritual level. Here, on territory of Sainted Russia, select people were reincarnated in slavonic bodies and continued the mission. And Yaroslav Wise is an again incarnate tsar Solomon, which in Jerusalem built Temple God. It is its mission in ages. Solomon in other the embodiments, except for Sofia Kievan, built the temple of Resurrection Lord in Jerusalem and cathedral of Sofia in Constantinople, and also Temple of Vasiliy Beatific in Moscow.
          «Temple of Sofia built in XI age – targeted Wisdom of God at the Phenomenon in it of Spirit of Saint – Great Mother of Light. Exactly Oranta (That Which Ploughs
earth by the word, because "", to "yell", a "speaker" and "RA" have one root and mean: light, gold, to announce) – placed fulllength under the dome of Sky with heaved up hands, erected to God to RA – Light, Spiritual Sun, as it was done by ancient light brown, Slavs, glorifying God. And announces the same, that the center of Universe, world ax, passes exactly through Temple of Kievan Sofia. And It is Great Mother of Gods – Guards this Sainted place and will Be in this Temple. Above hands there are characters of Its Veritable Name: on the right – MR, on the left – OV, that means: Mateos, Maria–God – Mother–God. And It is placed strictly on the center of ax, above Altar. Oranta has a direct relation to constellation of Orion, because exactly with Orion and Sirius Great Pyramid is linked straight in Gize (PI–RA–MIDA is a gold section of Light of Mothei of Izidy (or Light of RA, Idea of Mother)), or FEAST is a fire, FRAMES – MAR (To Maria), I–da (Izidy), through which Transformation of Spiritual Energy Mother of the World passes in DivineSpace to Program YUSMALOS (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Moon, Orion,  Sirius ) – Program of Rescue and Fokhatization of planet Earth. 
           By the way, Sofia the Kievan has 13 domes, as well as 13 main stars of constellation Orion. And 13 is the Sacred number Mother of the World. Because there is a number of immortality. On the ends of Its pillowsham siriusians signs are expressly visible, and it also confirms Its connection with Orion and Sirius. 
           Ukraine is an ancient motherland of titansfirst of gods. Tripol'e is a core of the foreslavic culture, and a sign of Trident is basis of Cult of Great Founder of PraMother of Gods», – Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos (Sofiya–Oranta) Wrote about the Sofia cathedral in the Article «Secret of Maria "Magdaliny", or who manages consciousness of Earth dwellers». 
           In all history of existence of the Sofia cathedral repeatedly it was desecrated and plundered, the events of political, public and cultural life of Ancient Russia were managed, there were battles between the representatives of orthodoxy of Russia and avtokefal Church of Ukraine.
        After October revolution of 1917 in Russia in February, 1919 in the nationalized structures on territory once the Sofia monastery the Kievan archaeological institute, passed in 1922 to the archived organizations, took a place, and also the allukrainian historical museum of religious cult functioned. From 1919 different organizations took a place on territory of Sofia: folk commissariat of enlightening of UKRAINE (NKP), main historical archive of Ukraine, Sofia commission of Allukrainian Academy of sciences (VUAN). 
           In 1934 was organized Sofia memorial estate, as administrative and cultural establishment. In the years of Great Patriotic war the Sofia cathedral prepared Germans to elimination. But by trade Divine it succeeded to be prevented.
          So a heart of Kievan Russia and all of Earth was destroyed. And the people of Ukraine and Russia lived in atheism and disbelief in God, worshiped the idols of modern Babylon of XX age. And today the Sofia cathedral – dead. Entrance even on territory – only for a money on tickets. A cathedral became public institution, museum of dead spirit and commercial temple a long ago.
           Round territory of the Sofia cathedral the Kievan city court, SSU, Management of Frontier troops of Ukraine and hotel–bardel, is placed under the of the same name name, that is a great sacrilege and desecration of sainted mountain.
           The Universal ax passes through the Sofia cathedral. It was specially built Yaroslav Wise for Mother of the World and stood in expectant of Messiah almost 1000 years. In obedience to all of prophecies exactly the revival of Kiev begins from here – spiritual center of Earth and Universe. 
          This cathedral is portended by the Second Advent of Khrista in Mother Human – to Sofia Kievan, Spirit of Truth, Spirit Saint, Comforter (from John, ch. 14, 15, 16). To the same all of cathedrals and temples of the name of God–Mother testify in Ukraine, Russia and Belorusi. Three great temples of Kiev Sofia, Mikhaylovskiy, Andreevskiy placed on a mountain which on Bible is called «Sion» (Revelation, ch.14).
             At the Sofia cathedral two areas are located: Sofia and Mikhaylovskaya. They are adopted the names of past embodiments of Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos – to Sofia and Prophet of Yuoanna of Svami – Archangel Michael. On the coat of arms Kiev is an image of Archangel Michael. 
          In Kiev also set up monuments to past embodiments
Mother of the World: to Lybed and pr.Olga. And monuments to embodiments of Prophet Yuoanna to Svami – Cue with Lybed'yu and brothers Cheek and Khorivu, and also – pr.Vladimir, T.G.Shevchenko. Cheeks, pr.Igor it is embodiment of high Priest of Peter, and Khoriv, G.Skovoroda are embodiments of Ya.Wise. Their names are adopt streets Kiev. 
           On Maydane set up the monument of Mother–Ukraine. «Ukraine» means on Kabbale
Mother of the World: UKRAINE — ("Edge"+"The wife"), I.e. At an edge is It (woman), That Which will Be in the end and all will Complete! "At an edge"; "U" — Urusvati; "K"— Universal Spirit"; "Ra" is a Sun, "Ina" is Wife; "RAINA" is a Sun of Wife, Svetoray. "Wife, Invested in a Sun". That a monument of Mother–Ukraine is a monument of Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos In the prophecies of «Tory» it is written down for israelites, that Messiah in the Last Advent on Earth will Be to Jerusalem, getting off from the Olive mountain, and Path will pass to Gold Gates. And it was already done! In February, 1992 Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Christos Carried out limning of israelites in Jerusalem. It was done secretly. In November, 1993 it was carried out the second time — at included in Gold Gates of Kievgrad (New Jerusalem — symbolic). In addition, it is concretely said in the prophecies of Iezekiilya, that 25 persons will be with Messiah in Temple Lord. It is also carried out Mother of the World. On November, 10, 1993 in the Sofia cathedral with God 25 Brothers and Sisters entered Living for prayer service and sanctifying of temple.
           And what capture of cathedral could speech be about, if the believers of have nowhere it was to go from the placed covering forces of internal troops on territory of the Sofia cathedral, on an area and adjoining streets? Everywhere hunt went on White Brothers, on simply believers in Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos.
              Included of November, 10, 1993 in the Sofia cathedral at the head with Lord Mariya DEVI Christos and Prophet of Yuoann Svami became the group of Brotherhood by logical completion 1260 days of THEIR prophecies. Mariya DEVI Khristos, Yuoann Svami and group of yusmalians, on tickets entered in a cathedral. Really included in a cathedral on tickets is it possible to name the «capture» of cathedral? During conducting of divine service Mariya DEVI Christos and Yuoann Svami was Placed in surroundings 25 yusmalians. A dead altar throne was Sanctified by Sofiya–Oranta is Mariya DEVI Khristos. 
             In the cathedral of yusmalians nothing was broken and did not touch. And the breaking in fighters of golden “Eagle” began to beat unmercifully God and Prophet, and praying yusmalians by force to take away bloodstained from a cathedral on snow. And only Apostle Peter, for defence Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos, grasped a fire
extinguisher and pointed a stream at the fighters of Omon golden «Eagle», as well as back protected 20 ages of Lord Jesus Christ. 
            On a court was falsely produced the workers of cathedral of abacuses on a tremendous amount allegedly for the damages of cathedral, that was the made to order slander on Mariya DEVI Khristos, Prophet of Yuoann Svami and Pastor Peter. In a cathedral a robbery was arranged by omonovcy
«Eagle». Some omonovcy on a court testified falsely, that them yusmalians beat in a cathedral. Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos, Prophet of Yuoann Svami and Pastor Peter, and also Great White Brotherhood falsely was laid to the capture of the Sofia cathedral!!!
          So who and for whom took the Kievan Sofia cathedral: is the state system of power of Ukraine «Beast», converting it into a museum and commercial establishment, or Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos, Son Divine Yuoann Svami and 25 Brothers and Sisters, entering in a cathedral on tickets for prayer service and its sanctifying?
           Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos (Sofiya–Oranta) Wrote about the Sofia cathedral, about events in it in November, 1993 and about an unfair trial following:
         «...Court leaving twentieth age, in building of city court of Kiev, on the Sofia area. To the the same area, where Cathedral of Sainted Sofia is. Sofii–Oranty are Wisdoms of Divine, Whose Arrival was expected by all of tribes and people. It the place of Space Force was designated the Special Energy: having magnetised, conducted round it Sainted Eden, Atlantida, Troyu and Kievgrad. This Universal ax passes through Throne of Sainted Sofia. Exactly Altar became the place of the Second Advent of Christ in appearance Living Oranty — to Mariya DEVI Khristos.
          Sign of age: Sainted Sofia Was in the desecrated House Divine, becoming a museum, dead architectural building (where the thread of the desired tourists goes day after a day). It was, as all, preliminary paying included in Cathedral... It was, in order to Sanctify House Divine Prayer and Word Divine, but was grasped a guard and sent in a dungeon in thirty three of the Christ of summer... Meantime, accomplished evil: whole company of becomings like an animal armed omonovcy in blood gave a dusting Ladies and gentlemen and Its Saints — between Altar and Altar above which, in reproach, Oranta Rose in a revolt. Violence, beating, bloodshed were designed in the point of passing of the Universal ax... An unfair trial, self on itself, did not have analogues in the world, because judged spitefully, with a hatred and by order — Conscience — Gospel (Eva is the Foremother, Life, “Gelios” is a Sun) — Apocalyptic “Wife, Invested in a Sun”, Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Christos — Isidu–Sotis, and with It together Its Mountain and Set...» (Mariya DEVI Khristos. Book Bogosoitie, Seven Steps of the Ascension).
            In 1995 during an unfair trial above God Living and the Russian Orthodox church wanted Its Sainted Sons to bury a metropolitan Vladimir (agent of KGB) on territory of the Sofia cathedral. But Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos (Sofiya–Oranta) did not allow such desecration and sacrilege. This The fighter against God and demon buried under the fence of Sofia, as well as it is fixed.
           Desecration and transformation of the Sofia cathedral in state commercial establishment has catastrophic consequences for Ukraine and all of Earth. As the Universal ax passes through the Sofia cathedral, connection with God and receipt of life-giving energy is interrupted on Earth. A planet strangles in a death-agony. Death of modern civilization is inevitable in the nearest time!
          For Ukraine of consequence of persecutions, slander, conviction, beating and sufferings of Mother of the World (Sofii–Oranty) and Its Saint of Great White Brotherhood became the heaviest and pernicious. For 1990–2013 Ukraine became one of the most backward and weak countries in the world, ransacked former «communists» and oligarchs, sold in slavery a western capital and part on sects – on religious interests, on party – on political interests and on classes to on – to economic interests on poor and rich. And also on national interests – westward and the east. Ukraine was pulled in in IMF and WTO, aim yet to enslave in slavery of military block NATO or in the block of Russia, in EU or TU. There is the ugliest system of rule on Ukraine: prezident–parliamentary, and the system of elections of Verkhovna Rada is most anti–popular: on party blocks. 
              But Ukraine became one of the first in the world on gangsterism, corruption, prostitution, drug addiction, alcoholism, to the death rate et cetera Kiev grew into modern biblical «Sodom». From Ukraine Cover is removed Ladies and gentlemen God Mariya DEVI Khristos, as well as from all of Earth. An economic crisis paralysed the economy of entire countries of the world, especially Ukraine. A country was stuck in enormous external debts and hyperinflation. And most frightful – on Ukraine fascism regenerated in a new form under the name «Freedom» and breaks a secret to power. Ukraine reached a political impasse.  
           In the day of Doomsday Mother of the Worldfrom all of dead cathedrals and temples Kiev there will not be a stone on a stone, as well as from a city (see is Revelation, ch.11). And after Transforming of planet Earth New Celestial Hail Jerusalem together with Temple will get down Lord on territory of Kiev. In Temple will be always to conduct service of Priests–levity of Great White Brotherhood at the head with high Priest Yaroslav Wise in new embodiment.

The article is written with High Priest of Kesullof
 (again incarnate Yaroslav


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