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          New Epoch came is Epoch of Apocalypse or Epoch of Aquarius, and on the whole is Epoch of Mother of the World and of Yusmalianstvo.           
          In the 90–th years of XX age simultaneously with the revolt of Veritable Church «Great White Brotherhood» (YUSMALOS) traditional sects activated and the new false religious flows of the most different type appear.
             1. Classification of sects.
            Today on Ukraine administration (by the ministers of Hell) in obedience to their hellish laws is officially register confessions: christian, judaic, moslem, krishnaism, buddhist, heathen, and also new false flows: new christian, east type, scientific–philosophical, scientific, synthesized, christian national type et al, that more than 120 different churches (see of
chart 1–4). Thus, on Ukraine worship Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Iegove, Jesus Christ and heathen gods, plurality (polytheism) of gods is set, that to contradicts Studies of Jesus Christ about Single God.
             In Bible there are not the names 120 «churches», therefore they – out of Law Divine and are sects. Among them basic are sects of state scale: orthodox, catholic and protestant. The pastors of sects are bookmen and pharisees: impostors, employees of state security, social climbers and foreigners (negroes, americans, koreans et al), and also false messiahs, lying prophets and false teachers.
To the representatives of sects, hearing the confession PreChristian traditional religions of last epoch the Judaism, Krishnaizm, the Buddhism, Paganism, concern: the Jewish synagogues, Consciousness of Krishna, Buddhists, pagans (see the scheme 1).

Chart 1. Classification of sects, hearings the confession ancient religions.

          Traditional churches concern faiths of last epoch of Christianity: orthodox (autokefal, Russian MP and Ukrainian P, Catholic (Roman and Greek) and Protestant (adventists, baptists, fiveforemen, mennonites). Mormons concern the nonconventional (sacred of last days), charizmate («An Embassy Divine»«Victory» and many others), new charizmate (Kingdom Divine, a spiritual center «Revival»), church of God–Mother (the lying prophet of father John), christian («Good New»«Church of Christ»«New generation», Allukrainian Association «Revival»), motion «Seekers of God»Magus of Sacred Circle and many others. 
               In particular, the sects of past epoch of Christianity are also divided by:
            new christian: lying prophet D.Smita (mormons is a church of Jesus Christ sainted closing dates), lying prophet father John Bereslavsky (Orthodox church of God–Mother of Sovereign), charizmate of False teachers S.Adeladzhi («An Embassy Divine») and Henry Modavy («Victory»), new charizmate («Kingdom Divine»), of false apostol V.Muntyan («Revival»), of False messiah Muna («church of Unity»). Magus of Sacred Circle, of false messiah of Lepsha L.I. (international spiritual center "To Sofia to Wisdom Divine" (Spiritual center "Sofia"));
         christian national type: Jewish of messiah church, «Jewries for Jesus», Armenian and Jewish charismatic church of «Embassy Divine», Ukrainian orthodox church, Russian orthodox church, greek–catholic and many other.
             Appearance of christian churches of national type resulted in international enmity between by believers, disconnection them in Christ on national belonging. In particular, on Ukraine a fight between the Russian orthodox church of Moscow patriarchy goes and by the Ukrainian orthodox church of Kievan patriarchy for influencing on believers and for temples, cathedrals and monasteries, for the profits of money (see the scheme 2).      

To the representatives of sects, hearing the confession the mixed judaismchristian, western and east religions Jehovizm, Islam, Bakhay: witnesses of Jehovah, motion of Epiphanius, moslems, bakhayers and others (see the scheme 3).

To new false flows of New Epoch belong:
         east type: of False messiah S'oko Asakhara («Aum Sinreke»), False teacher of Shri Matadzhi («Sakhadzha of yogi»), of False guru Makharishi («Transcedental meditation»), of False Avatara Sai of Baba, motion is Osho, 
false teachers Anastasia's New (books "The Sensei. Original Shambhala", "Allatra" and others);
          scientific–philosophical: of False messiah Vissarion («Church of the last precept»), motion Shri Chinmoya, motion and studies of Krayona (Li Keroll), motion of L.Maslov;
        scientific: of False teacher Khorkhe A.L.Ricci («New Acropolis»), of False teacher L.R.Khabarda («Church of Sayentologe», false doctrine of «Dianetik»), motion is «New Era», of false messiah Grabovoi Grigori ("The Doctrine of universal salvation and harmonious development", the founder of the party "Drugg");
           esoteric: magic of John Di, O.Berdnik («Tuning fork of Dazhd'god»), licencecar organization "Sirius", lipozencic of the Great White Brotherhood and Niepolomice Heaven T.N.Mikushina ("The Teachings of The Masters of Wisdom");
        synthesized: World White Fraternity (Bulgarian White Fraternity) of P.Dynov, motions of Alain Sandrovoy («Ivanov Hundredthousandth»), «Uplifted rulers» («Iskhodus»), «New Masters», «Synthesis of FA» and spiritual school "Wind of Shaolin" (the spiritual master of Basita) (see the scheme 4).            

          And in Bible is One God and one Church Divine are the select on ages people of Israel (144 thousands in the world), incarnate already in slavs with the new name: Great White Brotherhood, hears the confession Yusmalianstvo is Studies of already coming New Era of 
Mother of the World or Era of AquariusStudies of New Era is given by God Living Mariya DEVI Khristos, Incarnate on Earth. 
          Veritable of Christ Universal Church of time of Apocalypse – Great White Brotherhood (YUSMALOS) corresponds to next biblical description:
            1. Permission by God, Revelation, ch.7, 12, 17;  
            2. The New Name is given, Isaiya, 62:1–2, 65:15;
            3. Carries Good New, from John, 15:27;
            4. Goes through tests, Revelation, 7:14–17;
            5. Lives in communities, Acts, 2:44–47;  
            6. Persecuted and hated by nonbelievers, from Matthew, 24:3, 9; 
            7. Not registered at the state and judge  
             by the state, written down for God in Book of Life, from Luke, 21:12–19, Revelation, 21:27;
             8. Pursued bookmen and pharisees, from Ioanna, 16:1–4;
            9. Counts the 144 thousand people of Israel in the country of north Ukraine and Russia, Zakhariya, 6:8, Revelation, 7:3–9;
            10. Uplifted to New Jerusalem, Isaiya, 60:8, 1–th Fessalonik, 4:16–17, Revelation, 21:1–27. 
            Veritable Living Church «Great White Brotherhood» (YUSMALOS) (144 thousand Saints) registered for God the Most High Mariya DEVI Khristos on Skies in BOOK of LIFE. All of Bible – only about the select people of God, by the adopted new name «Great White Brotherhood». Great White Brotherhood does not build temples with gold domes and houses of prayers on Earth, because Celestial Temple – New Jerusalem is waited by 144 thousand New Logosis of Universe.
           The Lord God Gave the Old Testament, Has Appointed and Has Devoted in eternal priesthood of Prophet Aaron, his sons of Eleazar, Ifamar, Nadav, Aviud and 12 knees (144 thousand) the selected people (see the Outcome, 28:1
43, 19:56). The special place is taken away to a knee of Leviy, as to attendants at skiniya of revelations (see Numbers, 1:4853). That is Aaron, his sons and the selected people always in all lives till this day are the priests of God. They will be Eternal priests of God in Heavenly New Jerusalem (see Revelation, 5:510, 7:417, 21:12, 14). Today is a Universal Church «Great White Brotherhood» (YUSMALOS).

           2. False studies of sects.
           Main description of sects of bookmen and pharisees is a creed of dead religions of past epoches or false studies.          
          On a 
every new epoch God is Give only one new Religion (Studies). Thus, existence of a few religions is simultaneously eliminated. If there are a few religions, only one from them True, and all other false or dead past epoches. In particular, Christianity already is religion of past epoch. Because New Epoch Mother of the World or Epoch of Aquarius came. And by God is given New religion – Yusmalianstvo.
              None of the transferred sects not hears the confession Christianities, but hear the confession the own false religions: catholic christianity, orthodox christianity, protestant christianity: adventism, baptism, five–foremen, charizmatism, iegovism, mormonism et cetera. Lord Jesus Christ Did not preach these doctrines. They were formed by distortion of the Doctrine of the New testament of Lord Jesus Christ through consciousness (prism) of other (not selected) people (see fig. 1). 

Fig. 1. Distortion of the Doctrine of the New Testament of Lord Jesus Christ
through consciousness (prism) of other (not selected) people.
          False doctrines were implanted wars, cross hikes and inquisition. And presently pseudopastors and sects is bought in and filled a lie all of informative space of Earth through television and other MASS–MEDIA.
        In addition, due to Apostle Paul veritable Christianity became in basis to regenerate it in ”pavlinism”, already in the first age from Birth of Christ. Because, being a fanatic israelite, it fully adopted and entered in life of christians the studies of hebrew religion about a sin and “impurity of woman”, that He humiliated a woman a submission a husband, what dissociated it from God and did without its right in a church. And also Apostle Paul in the Messages calls to talk on unknown languages and to prophesy, although unknown languages are devilish haw, and prophecies are pseudo
prophecies, because prophecies are given by God only to the select souls – prophets. And it forever entered in a christian moral and mastered a church which was created by Paul.
        It preached Old Testament together with own pharisaic concepts and errors and some concepts of New Testament, that became its own false studies. It is studies of Paul and it is expounded in its 14 Messages, but not in Gospel.
         At one time Apostle Peter cautioned to be careful from the errors of reating lawlessness and turned our attention on the Messages of Apostle Paul, in which nothing «is iconveniently intelligible, that ignoramuses and unratified, to own the ruin, convert, as well as other Writing.» (see of 2–th Peter, 3:16–17). 
           In Messages of 
Apostle Paul there are Contradictions to Studies of Jesus Christ and veritable and false assertions. 
         In addition, Apostle Paul in the book of «Act of Sainted Apostles» and in the Messages appears before us as: persecutor of students of Christ, and later Apostle, israelite, Israel, pharisee, preacher, teacher, prisoner of Christ and Roman citizen depending on a situation which it was in (see of Act, 9:1–27, 16:37, 21:39, 22:3, 25–29, 23:6, to 2–th Korinfyan, 11:22, to 2–th Timothy, 1:11, to Filimon, 1:9). It is necessary to notice that Paul became Apostle of Jesus Christ far later, after electing 12 Apostles, 70 Apostles, other thousand students, are on the lowest stage of hierarchy and in any way can not be equated to the number the first Apostles.
        Today all of «christian churches» (sects) take for truth all of dogmas, false assertions and contradictions in Messages of Apostle Paul for Truth, as ignoramuses and unratified in New Testament of Lord Jesus Christ.   
           In particular, first sign of false Christianity is incorrect translation by sectarians the name of the Teaching of the New Testament «Gospel». They transferred him as «Good New», that in a root leads away from essence and basis of Studies of Lord Jesus Christ. A «Gospel» means in translation from Greek «Eva in a Sun» (see from Matthew, 4:23, 9:35, from Mark, 1:1, 14–15). Eva is Mother of all above–ground, and Sun is a symbol of Father and Son. Id est Studies are named after Triune God: Father, Son and Mother (She is Spirit of Saint).
             The second sign of false Christianity is ignorance of Trinity Celestial. 
            Sectarians do not know that Son Divine Jesus Christ is the same Father Celestial. They do not know that Son Divine Jesus Christ Opened the New Name of Father «Jesus Christ», because He and Father – One (see from John, 10:30, 38, 12:45, 14:7, 17:6). Therefore they divide Father and Son in Two Personalities. 
            In addition, sectarians do not know in Trinity God of Spirit of Saint – Goddess of Virgin Mary and to the Name of Single God: Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos (see of fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Trinities of sects.
           The third sign of false Christianity is that, whatever sects know and reject Studies of New Testament about the reincarnation of the souls.
           The fourth sign of false Christianity is ignorance by the sects of law of Hierarchy. Under the biblical Law of Hierarchy select people of God are on the top of human pyramid and is a mediator between God and other humanity. Because select people are eternal priests of God and eternal Church Divine. In Bible God Calls only to the select people.
             The fifth sign of false Christianity is ignorance by the sectarians of prophecies of New Testament about Advent of God and Son John Theologian. All sects wait of Second Advent Himself of Jesus Christ vainly.
            And in sects there are these and other rejections from Law of Divine: breach of law of hierarchy of humanity, casting aside of law of reincarnations of the souls, there are idolatry and trade, violation of Saturday, registration at godless power, eat meat, acceptance of the water christening and print of Antichrist “666” (idintificate code and biometric passport). Sects do not see Getting off God and Seven Christs on Earth, and also religious, social, celestial and natural signs of coming New Epoch.
       Ignorance and negation of Divine laws of Hierarchy of mankind, transformation of human souls and other laws has led to occurrence of false false teachers, pastors, patriarchs and daddies from the lowest levels of Hierarchy of mankind, especially from America, Asia and Africa. To them it is not let know the Bible. They the pseudointerpretation have produced set of sects and flase doctrines.                     

           3. Confluence of sects with the state «Beast» and their financial prosperity.
         Traditional and untraditional sects and their
leaders (patriarchs, metropolitans, dads, cardinals, roman–catholic priests, priests, fathers, pastors, presviters) deeply grew in the state system of capitalism: in in a public policy and economy, became the inseparable part of business and commerce in the whole world, more than all on Ukraine and in Russia. It became reason of dissidence of baptism and orthodoxy which became state ideology, because most Ukrainians consider itself orthodox (120 millions in the world). Profits and riches of state sects are calculated hundreds of millions of dollars. Only Adventisty of Seventh Day (30 millions in the world) have 35 factories, 371 clinic, 166 hospitals, 95 academies, 5612 schools, 147 child's houses, telecasts, world radio and 56 publishing houses in 218 countries of the world. The witnesses of Iegovy (6 millions in the world) have powerful printing–houses in 8 large countries of the world and print a magazine «watchtower» 23 million copies in a month on 139 languages for 230 countries. Their leading corporation (center New York, USA) printed the translation of Bible with false interpretations, which fully differs from canonical. And orthodox centers on Ukraine Kievan and Pochaev of large Monastery and other «sainted» places is converted into the abomination of desolation and museums of dead spirit with living models. 
          The special place among the largest sects is occupied by catholics at the head with a prominent politician by Dad Roman, which closed by itself God almost for the milliard of catholics. The empire of catholics has a ponderable influence in the world in area of policy, economy and religion, because «Vatican» has the state, which does not have scopes.
            The Russian orthodox church (RPC OF MP), as catholic and Ukrainian (UOC OF KP), is political force, largest owner and auction businessman in Russia at the level of the largest Russian corporations. RPC grew into mixture of department of administration of president on work with by believers, feudal structure and corporation of oligarchs in cassocks. Patriarch Cyril is the agent of KGB (FSB) and has the personal state in 4 milliards of dollars.
              Orthodoxy is split on patriarchies, national churches, unions, fraternities, societies and different motions: type of confession.
            In RPC MP and UPC MP exists also dissidence in relation to acceptance or non-acceptance of identification codes (INN). And most critical, that this dissidence is observed between bishops and congregation.
          Most dangerous on Ukraine are sects orthodox with their heathen studies, five–foremens (750 millions in the world) and charizmates with their haw devilish languages and sect of Witnesses of Iegova with their heresy and perversion of Bible.
           For co
ordination of the existence and financial prosperity under the Name Lord Jesus Christ sects were created by World advice of churches and Allukrainian advice of churches.
          Patriarchs, metropolitans, archbishops, fathers, daddies, cardinals, pastors, bishops all churches have no power from God as are not appointed by It and in a conspiracy with authorities of the system "Animal", to the prince of the world of this Antihrist and serve it. Today in Laurels, temples, churches, monasteries, houses of prayers is an abomination of desolation: wonders of Antihrist, museums, excursions, trading in sacred objects, the militarised guard, women in masculine pantaloons et cetera. All churches under the Seal of death of Antihrist «666»  by microchips, passports of "Animal", identification codes (INN). Dissidence of Orthodoxy and Baptism! Everywhere lawlessness is created!
           Sects and their false pastors do not know that to Christianity 
corresponds state with Christian ideology, parliamentary form of power and state (public) pattern of ownership. The states are arranged antidivinely that conducts a civilisation to destruction.

              4. Armageddon between Veritable Church and sects.
          All of sects are under the print of Antichrist «666» and in them encoding of Antichrist goes dark force, because Great Perfumes of Son Divine Jesus Christ (It is Father Iegova) and Virgin Mary (Spirit of Saint) 
United 11.04.90 in Single Essence of God Living under the New Name: Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. And the Names «Jesus Christ» and «Virgin Mary» already does not have Force and does not operate. And have a historical value only. 
             But Advent of Living God and Its New Christ is not foreseen in the legislation of Ukraine and in flase doctrines of sects. They were rejected therefore, pursued and condemned. Sects named itself «churches», and Universal Church  «Great White Brotherhood» (YUSMALOS) – by a «sect».
            State of Antichrist «Beast» and sectarians soon and will put to death God Living Mariya DEVI Khristos and Its First Son Yuoann Svami in a center Kiev, which will Revive and Uplifted in Sky for Court of Divine.
            A battle for the human souls (Armageddon) between Candle–powers (By Lord, by 
Seven Sons and Daughters Divine, by Great White Brotherhood) and Forces of Darkness (By an antichrist, by power of Tyrants “Beast”, by sects) will make off Victory Forces of Light and by Doomsday (see Bible).
            Time of godless governments and dead religious s
ects of past epoches ends with agony, and by God Living power is passed to Seven Christs: To the sons and Daughters Divine, which after Doomsday will govern the world always by law to Divine. 

High Priest of Kesullof


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