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Citizens of Ukraine!
            The last decade of XX age and beginning of XXI age is time of biblical Apocalypse. It is time of Advent of Triune God Mariya DEVI Khristos (Father–Son–Mother) and Son Human, Prophet Yuoann Svami to the always select people, to incarnated already 1500 years in slavonic bodies on earth of Anciently–Kievan Russia, and today – with the new name "Great White Brotherhood".
             With Arrival Higher God Mariya DEVI Khristos – MESSIAH – 11.04.90 Higher Perfumes Forces of Light were lifted on a bad language with Forces of Darkness. Apocalyptic Armageddon – Battle began. And first in this Battle was lifted 30.05.90 By a spirit by Saint of God Living in age 49 years Eternal Prophet of God Yuoann Svami, all that incarnate biblical Prophet of Iliya, J.Baptist and J.Theologian. About all of these events of our time it is possible to read Bibles in prophecies, in particular, in Revelation of 
J.Theologian. In them you will find the real appearances of Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos – “Wife, Invested in a Sun” and Prophet Yuoann Svami – “baby of masculine floor which it is required to pasture all of people a rod ferrous”, Great White Brotherhood144 thousands, "in white clothes" and state and religious mode of Ukraine under the name "Beast" or "red dragon" (in the countries of the CIS that).
          In 1990 the people of the USSR, first of all slavic, were close to the beginning of construction of the ideal state. It was necessary to change not social system "socialism" for "capitalism", and utopian ideology of Leninism on Christian. And to Christianity there corresponds the state (communist) pattern of ownership (see Acts, 2:44–45). The ideal model of the state is resulted on the scheme 2.
            Today the state system of Russia and Ukraine completely contradicts Christianity bases. Therefore the governments conduct the Antichristian and antinational policy.
              In what it is shown?
            – In 1990 the people of the former USSR have been rejected back - in injurious capitalism that contradicts Christianity. The society has been divided into parties: there were many parties of oligarchs, "Christian", left and right forces, including neo–fascists, and there were classes of people: rich, average and poor. Contrary to the Christianity doctrine: all of you are brothers, there is a robbery and merciless operation of own people by capitalists and sale of the state and Slavs of the NATO, EU and the USA. Such divided state in itself will not resist (see from Matthew 12:25). 
            – The constitution legalises a freedom of worship. That is worship along with True God and to many gods: , Krishna, the Buddha, the Allah, pagan There was, etc. a set of sects and pseudo–Christ's, lying prophets, false teachers, pseudo–pastors, pseudo–healers. But heterodoxy cannot be forbidden and pursued. A word Divine – here «a sword spiritual» Christians (see To Efesyan, 6:16–17).
           – The state (the administration, that is ministers of the Hell) completely supervises all sects. For this purpose them registers. That is there is no branch of church from the state. There is a management of the state of churches and sects.
          – The government sets all the seals of Antihrista «666» in the form of identification codes, 
biometric passports and is fast – microchips.
          – The state of Antihrist "Animal" speaks proudly and blasphemously and the Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos and the Son of Human Yuoann Svami with all sacred the Great White Brotherhood pursues and named Their lying prophets with coded (see Revelation, 11:7, 13:1–10).
          Mode “Beast” was created and head the "godfathers" of the Ukrainian maffia, all to that communist nomenclature, by werewolves, "great accomplices of democracy" – L.Kravchuk, L.Kuchma, V.Yuschenko, 
V.Litvin, and also P.Lazarenko, Yu.Timoshenko, V.Yanukovich and P.Poroshenko. As a result of their "reforms" in behalf on a nomenclature and their rules – the people of Ukraine are ransacked.
             These former main «communists» of Ukraine betrayed the ideology (they did not know labours of K.Marks and V.Lenin) and ransacked a public domain, named its «peculiar», legalized and became thief in laws and Heroes of Ukraine. In addition, greater part of the public domain was taken dirt–cheap by oligarchs. Yet part was sold a foreigner capital. Lawlessness and corruption established in a country. A capital began to govern! Slave exploitation of own people began. Ukraine became the market of sale of world capital and broke off to be independent power.
Former main «communists» quickly created new parties under itself, by withholding or capture of power to defend the interests. A lot of other parties of oligarchs appeared, «christian», left and right forces, including neo–fascists «Freedom», Congress of the Ukrainian nationalists (UN), Ukrainian national assembly (UN) and Right sector
           The today's politicians of Ukraine (all of presidents, ministers and deputies of SR) do not know neither a capitalism, neither socialism, nor histories, nor religion. They created the model of the political system under itself, but not for people. Almost all of presidents are the customers of murders of the competitors and talking a true about them. And .Yanukovych and J.Timoshenko sats yet and in prison for crimes against society. 
           Ukraine is under the curse of God, because being at power of Yu.Timoshenko, V.Yanukovich and P.Poroshenko occupy a money at other states, as well as it is said in Bible, that frigging will take on loan at other people (see Reiteration of law, 28:43–44). An external debt of Ukraine is a more than 62 milliard of dollars.
            Thus, the people of the former USSR, in particular Ukraine, were cast aside in the development on 200 years back in a predatory capitalism.
              The state system of Ukraine is «Beast» is is:
           1. Ideology of capitalism: divide and rule, promise and lie, kill, rob and sell out state property, profiteer and exploit a fellow creature and become a capitalist.
             2. Parliamentary–presidential form of power - it and not parliamentary and not presidential form of rule. The system of elections of Parliament and other advices is anti–popular: on party lists. And a president is without the spiritual oligarch or capitalist.
            3. Capitalism with growing material necessities: crises from the large production of commodities, elimination of environment of existence of man, classes of rich, middle and poor, slave exploitation of the people. Lawlessness and corruption dominate in a country, because a capital governs!
              State prisoners of the mode «Beast» did itself «gods», and God Living, Coming on Earth, did a «criminal» and judged for their exposure.
                The criterion of estimation of the political system is Law Divine. What model of the political system of Ukraine turned out – you see on a scheme 1. Such state in Bible is named «Beast» (see is Revelation, 13:1–18).
              At such political system (1) no programs of development of country are realized, are a bluff and deception of people, by utopia and empty slogans, and their authors – by adventurers. As a result Ukraine goes to complete economic and state disintegration and totalitarian mode. Not to mention about political and religious chaos in a country.

Scheme 1. Godless model of the state
 of Ukraine and other countries of the world

              Orthodox, catholic and protestant churches were for a sale the mode «Beast». They have awarded the «Fathers» of Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko and Yanukovych by church orders and listen their instructions, in place of exposure of chapters of the mode in murders, stealing, lie, antipopular and antichristian policy. And patriarch Cyril (agent of KGB) did not sanctify Higher Advice, but filled (coded) with its impure spirit of Antichrist, as a result there the bloody battles of «folk deputies» go for power and amassed by a robbery milliards to breaking of bones and concussion of brains. 
               In Battle Forces of Light and Darkness by the "weapon" of Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos, Prophet of Yuoann Svami and Great White Brotherhood there is revealing Word of the Last Precept of Messiah, and also is Faith, Love, Light, Good, Force of Knowledge and Spirit, path of persecutions and sufferings, non–resistance an evil by violence, renunciations from this hellish world and aspiration in the Higher world.
          By a weapon Forces of Darkness – State and religious mode "Beast" there are the most acute methods of lie, misinformations, garblings of facts, intimidations of common folk, slander through mass (newspapers, radio, television) medias and cruel physical violence in relation to Candle
powers, up to false conviction and imprisonment of God Living Mariya DEVI Khristos and Prophet Yuoann Svami, arrests and beatings of Great White Brotherhood.
               Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Suffered 3 and 9 months in Luk'yan to prison and in an area. The prophet of God of Living Yuoann Svami almost 6 years (4 years of Luk'yan of prison and almost 2 years of camp of the increased mode of Chernovickoy area Sokiryany) Suffered in the name Glory of Divine Mariya DEVI Khristos on Earth and for sins human. And High Priest Peter – 3 years and 2 months in Luk'yan to prison and in camp of the increased mode. 
             Therefore for 1990–2014 Ukraine became one of the most backward and weak countries in the world, ransacked oligarchs, sold in slavery a western capital and part on sects – on religious interests, on 
parties – on political interests and on classes to on – to economic interests on poor and rich. And also on national interests – westward and the east. Ukraine was pulled in in IMF and WTO, aim yet to enslave in slavery of EU and of military block NATO. There is the ugliest system of rule on Ukraine: Presidential and parliamentary, and the electoral system of Higher Advice is most antipopular: on party to the lists
             But Ukraine became one of the first in the world on gangsterism, corruption, prostitution, drug addiction, alcoholism, to the death rate et cetera Kiev grew into modern biblical «Sodom». An economic crisis paralysed the economy of entire countries of the world, especially Ukraine. A country was stuck in enormous external debts and hyperinflation. And most frightful – on Ukraine fascism regenerated in a new and by force took power and flew to the arms on the southeast of country. Ukraine reached a political, economic and religious impasse.
            Prophet Yuoann Svami and there is Son Human, promised Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ Talked exactly about It, that it is required It much to suffer and be by the outcast birth this. And from Cross Jesus Christ Named It, J.Theologian, – by "Son Divine". It will Carry the Heavy Cross to the end.
             Son Divine Yuoann Svami will Go after Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos on a block. And They will be shot up State and religious maffia in a center Kiev, at all on eyes will Revive and Uplifted above the world for Court Divine above sinful humanity. Because Lord God and Prophet Know everything in advance and Carry out Limning. “After My Ascension and Ascension of Saint of John–Peter the Second are Ascents of 144 thousands “in White Clothes” – Apocalyptic Fiery Clearing of planet, and Return of planet will happen on a new orbit in the Transformed State it macro–kosmic Bodies.
           Then on Earth the Sainted Souls will get down and Form the Spiritual State Basis of which I Mortgage today, Carrying out the Universal Mission”, – the fact of origin of the Spiritual State Establishes Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos in Letters from Calvary of XX age. Ideal Divine device of Ukraine and other countries of the world in our time Apocalypse (on this stage) it is shown on a scheme 2.
          So, ideal state is is:
         1. Christian ideology with more growing spiritual necessities of man: Belief in the God, Love to God, to the fellow creature and to the enemies, Fraternity, Mercy, Sympathy, Oblatoryness, Decency, Justice, Knowledge of God and Law Divine, Honesty, Disinterestedness, Equality, Unity.
         Independent foreign policy: not to enter into no political, nor in economic nor in soldiery unions. World and friendship with the nearby states.
         2. Parliamentary folk power with elections of non–party deputies of people's from the districts of areas and districts of regional cities on one deputy. Similarly to choose other advices.
          3. State pattern of ownership. All material riches of country must belong to the people: energy, heavy and easy industry, transport, agriculture et cetera. Abandonment from the production of weapon of mass elimination of people. Abandonment from murder of animals and production of drugs of mass consumption: alcohol and tobacco. The material necessities of society must be according to plan taken to a minimum of necessity.          
               On Court Divine – Great and Frightful all will judge in obedience to businesses by it, which are recorded in a Ledger of Life. Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos will Pass Book of Life on Court Divine Seven Higher Hierarchies of Brotherhood at the head with Son Divine Yuoann Svami. And all of fathers of maffia and their accomplices will be called to Doomsday. About it it is possible to read in Revelation J.Theologian, chapter 20 and in book «Wisdom of Solomon», chapter 6.

Scheme 2. Ideal Divine model of the state of Ukraine
and other countries of the world in our time Apocalypse (on this stage)

           Lordship over the world is already passed God by Living Mariya DEVI Khristos – to Seven  Christ's at the head with Yuoann Svami, and it will be given to Apostles and Great White Brotherhood – to all of Saints of the most High. About it you can read Daniel in prophecies, chapter 7 and Revelation of J.Theologian, chapters 2–3. Therefore all of presidential electoral companies and reelecting of Higher Advice on Ukraine – there is agony of leaving power, political farce, deception of people, «feast during a plague», which yet more bring Ukraine over to destruction and impoverishment. Choose Living God Mariya DEVI Khristos, Seven Christ's Its Saints, and blind leave, because they go a wide road in ruin and fall in hell and you lead the way.
           Thus, victory Forces of Light above Forces of Darkness – inevitable and near! "They (I.e. 10 presidents of the CIS) will conduct a bad language with Lamb (By Mariya DEVI Khristos), and
Lamb will win over them; because It is Lord of dominating and Tsar of tsars, and those (Great White Brotherhood) which with It (By Mariya DEVI Christos), essence of called and select and faithful", – the end of Armageddon is so certain in Revelation J.Theologian, chapter 17. "Because our bad language not against blood and flesh, but against the authorities, against authorities, against world rulers darkness of age this, against perfumes of spite of under celestial", – wrote Ap.Paul about sew on to the bad language "To Efesyanam", chapter 6.
            We call you to realize what be going on Armageddon and through Repentance and Belief in God Living Mariya DEVI Khristos 
to pass on the side  Forces of Light. Otherwise in the day of Doomsday which was very approached, it will be late!

Universal Church
Great White Brotherhood


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