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Divine Poetry
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Modern civilization 
  5–th races and financial world 
 soon will complete the existence doomsday. 
 Planet Earth will enter in 4–th measuring
and spiritual
civilization of 6–th race of humanity
will regenerate
         Modern civilization is in a death–agony and very soon will complete the existence! There were quite a bit civilizations in history of humanity, but all of them perished, and the new was engendered. It is not an exception and modern civilization. Reasons of destruction of all of human associations the same: complete rejecting of God–Creator and Divine Laws.
          After Advent of God in the person of Son Divine Jesus Christ for two millenniums humanity chosen the wide and extensive path of accumulation of material welfares (exhausted the natural supplies of Earth), spiritually dead and came to the day of the death, as in the days of Atlantida and World flood. Of this falling many spiritual sources of world religions warned from ancient times and Bible.
            Equilibrium Forces Good and Wicked on Earth constantly supported God. Lord God at critical junctures for people of Earth was Incarnated on Earth in part the Masculine and Womanish Beginnings: as Adam and Eva, Frame and Sieves, Krishna and Radkha, Noah and Its Wife, Apollo and Aphrodite, Oziris and Izida, Jesus Navin and Moses, Jesus hrist and Virgin Mary et cetera. Father, Son, Mother is Appearances in Which God Showed up on Earth.
            Higher Perfumes of the Celestial army at the head with Archangel by Michael also constantly incarnated on Earth and made the 144 thousand select people of God. Select people (arias, saints, Apostles) from times of creation of the financial world were incarnated in different people: slavs, hindus, persians, greeks, egyptians, jewries which God Came to, and again in slavs. This people passed to humanity Law Divine: Love, Trust, Knowledges and helped to go to Light of God in the Higher world. But humanity wrote the laws (Constitutions, Codes and et cetera) and anymore came to love Darkness, than Light. God and Its people was always driven, hated, tortured, crucified, killed.
             Forces of Good maximally outweighed in XX age of Force of Evil. Therefore on Earth of April, 11, 1990 Single God Mariya DEVI Christos (Father–Son–Mother) Got off after the select people by Great White Brotherhood in a slavonic region, to Kiev. It is the last battle for the souls with Antigod is Armageddon, as a result of which will be 
Victory of Forces of Light and Doomsday above sinful humanity. And time of the Last Advent of Single God on Earth is Apocalypse.
            Mother of the World Mariya DEVI Khristos and Son Human Yuoann Svami (Arkh.Michael) Sacrifice Oneself in the name Rescue of the perishing world. "Humanity, passing the age-old path, walked up to new Epoch – Era of Light Mother of the World, as a killer, as planetary killer, Universal killer the sins of which came from from a dislike for God, and in an aggregate it was make a single sin: living killers! And this black action will be completed – by murder of God Living, Sshedshego from Skies in Flesh – to Rescue the Creation, Falling a prey the Children, ransacking a planet, biosphere, Universe, Macrocosm, the same signing itself capital punishment. This sentence will be resulted in Execution after Court Divine, which approaches", – Writes with Mother of the World about the fate of humanity in "Basic Commandments of Precept of Life Eternal" from Calvary of XX age.
            The great sign of the world end will be getting up and collection Lord by Mariya DEVI Khristos and Son Divine Yuoann Svami (John Theologian) of 144 thousand Great White Brotherhood in Kiev. After it They will Go on Block. "Through 3,5 day, after TORMENT demons are Fleshes Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos and Its Prophet YUOANN SVAMI, Miracle will Happen in Kievgrade (on Calvary)! All will see – from all of points of Earth (such parallel Vision – God Mariya DEVI Khristos will Give people!). Dead Bodies of Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos and Prophet Yuoann Svami – will COME back to life in the street, on eyes people... and slowly UPLIFTED in Sky... Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Comes in Glory Celestial and will Begin the Doomsday above demons and men of little faith! In matters! (see is "Revelation", removal of Seventh Print!). This Miracle – you will wait till! You will suffer! It will be you tragic CERTIFICATE!", – Son Divine Yuoann Svami Writes about Their Great Victim in the name Rescue of the sinful world and about Doomsday in the Articles.
            All of prophecies of Bible talk about the Last Advent of Single God, New Son Human, about New humanity, about New Earth and New World. «So, the lines of Bible portend infinitely, because they — living! But Limning is necessary not thoughtlessly to quote, but to understand, collating with life», — Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos Teaches in the Last Precept.
         On biblical prophecies fate of humanity in the day of Doomsday will Determine Son Human Yuoann Svami at the head of Seven Son Divine, and it is decided it will be so:
         1. the 144 thousand 7–th race (on the level of consciousness) of Great White Brotherhood will be uplifted living to Celestial New Jerusalem;
         2. 1/3 humanity of 6–th race will be incarnate on New Earth;
         3. 2/3 (0,666) humanity – on 1000 years on the hellish planets of Antigod.
         4. The souls, useless for a further evolution, will be converted into a space dust and black holes, not regenerating to life of new.
       «Will pass Doomsday... Saints and Angels will climb on Skies. Atheists — on thousands of years of thrown down in Hell! Meantime planet Earth, passing Fiery Clearing, will regenerate again, as a bird is Phoenix from an ash, to life of New. And lighted up Divine Light and Glory of Divine! This will be New Earth! BOHEMIA! Gradually it will be captivated by the new souls — the revived humanity of «prophets» is a 6–th race! A sixth level of consciousness is a level of prophets which at all times were friends to God!» (from Message of God Living «Secrets of Living God»).
           You will make a push, to enter you in a number 1/3 humanity and the New world! Included in the New Fiery world (Kingdom is Celestial) only with the Name of Single God is Mariya DEVI Khristos, through Son of Divine Yuoann Svami – Placed at a door of the New world and religion of Yusmalianstvo! Other paths for a rescue are not present!!!
           We, select people, call all to REPENT before God Living Mariya DEVI Khristos! And to accept Son Human (Seven Christ) John–Peter the Second at the head with First Christ Yuoann Svami – Ruler of Kingdom of Celestial! Otherwise in the day of Court Divine – Great and Frightful – it will be late!

Universal Church
 "Great White Fraternity"



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