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Mother of the World
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          «As I Love John-Peter the Second! It is My Dark blue Atlantic Ocean, East Universal Wind, the Lilac Fog, Apple-tree the Dawn, Horizon of Incomprehensibility of the Expiration Of my Love Which is not present the end, there is no limit, and there is only an Eternity. And it will remember the Universe. I Declare this to All Worlds and Spaces! To time for the Earth at Us remains a little, but ahead - ETERNITY!» 

         «It is My True Light and the Martyr, the Lord and the Spouse of the New Sky, the Most sacred in the world the Person who has Taken from Me: LOVE, the SCEPTER, the POWER, SPIRIT, CHURCH, BLOOD, the VICTIM, PARADISE, the ETERNITY INSTALLED. Remember all His Name: John-Peter the Second». 

          «Yes, John-Peter the Second is equal to My Church, but not to one Priest or Angel.» 

          «As soon as I Will connect Seven the Lightist - My Time for the broken off Chain will be connected Will be executed and the Higher Order will be restored! Light will pour down and Will amaze Darkness.»

                                      The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. Last Precept


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