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Divine Poetry
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Mother of the World
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             «Peer into Me - and you learn, as well as two thousand years ago, - the same Image of Jesus and Mary, but Connected today Together!. Peer, as the Man's face of God from the Turin Shroud (gold My certificate) has nowadays changed in Female! Who knows true colour of Eyes of Jesus and Mary? Loving - Green!!! At a Satan - black, full of rage and artful flattery! At pseudo-christ's, as a rule, - foggy, the glazed... 

             But the basic My difference from any "newcomers" that any soul on the Earth not in a condition to grow fond of God is more, rather than I! For I am eternal Its Has always given birth! For I eternally Created It Mine Love! (Recollect My Poetry). Nobody knows It more Me! But My Force that I Show God in Myself for I Remember Myself on the Cross Crucified. I Am the Creator!» 


                                        The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. Last Precept



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