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Divine Poetry
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Mother of the World
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          «Carry out uniform laws of Heart, instead of devilish, for only in Heart - the Christ! Do not search for God in dead church, It - today on the Earth! Only YUSMALIANSTVO - your rescue!»

          «You ask, what such Religion? It is Love My! It is Life My! It is Sky My! It is Church My! It is Science My! It is Eternal Belief My! It is Balsam of the Soul to My! It is Light of the Lord! It is the Incense of the Prayer of Heart! It is the Way to the Kingdom of the Lord. Here that there is My RELIGION! Other does not have force called RELIGION, because I Give Higher Senses of Understanding of Word, the world desecrated and distorted all of Divine, all senses has perverted, all Sainted has humiliated. I Came to Found Single Universal RELIGION: Sainted Faith, Sainted Love, Single Temple of the Lord in Hearts and in Eternity!»


                                                    The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. Last Precept


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