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Mother of the World
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          «To leave in the Nature and to be born anew - the Way of a nature and physical perfection. But, when to the Earth God Comes, and it happens in the Beginning and in the End in Which All is absolutely uniform, and gives Chance to any soul: To be made and be released from sufferings of the karmic illusory world, - all Doctrines grow dim, all teachers for the Living word Divine - Mighty and Saving, Burning and Salutary Sounds, Strong and Eternal weaken! And everyone, withdrawing from Me, - becomes the false teacher, the pseudo-healer, the pseudo-saviour.

          That was useful at the beginning of the century and, even, in the middle, - by the end is not valid, for the Force Able Simultaneously to Break perishable and to Revive Eternal comes into the own. It - I, Mother of the Worlds! Also I Require only the prompt distribution of the Knowledge, in Successors of My Light for I Am given Wholly Chelovekam, Able to contain Duh Svjatyj Istinnyj, Sshedshy from Heavens to Expiate a sort Adam's».

         «All Divine - is absolute and extremely simple, for is perfect.

        The absolute Love is concluded in My Precept of the Life Eternal. It - Is boundless! My Priests, 144 thousand of Logos, will enter into the Precept of God Live and Will execute It».

                                                The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. Last Precept


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