Message of Light
Divine Poetry
Universal Church Great White Brotherhood YUSMALOS Space Music of
Mother of the World
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«By My Spirit Saint is Bear Veritable Christian Church Great White Fraternity, and She will not die for ever! Because cognizes Life Eternal in Christ and God Living, but not dead!»

It is very important to carry people True about Me, My Church, End of the frail world, Transforming after My Victim of Divine and Court Frightful, New Earth and New Sky! Carry Good New, carry My Word in the world, to the souls by a still human. there is little time, soon there will be Prince of Darkness! 

Testify to Me, Spirit of Truth, Comforter, Spirit Saint, Getting off from Skies in Glory of Trinity by Lord, because I Am Began and End, First and Last, Alpha and Omega! I bless all of believers, because they – beatific!» 

                                                    The Lord Mariya DEVI Khristos. Last Precept



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